Important Symptoms of OCD That Should be Understood

The mechanism of different anxiety disorders cannot be understood easily and it becomes more difficult when the person experiencing such problem is a family member, a close and reliable friend or an in-law. Before looking out for the signs of any disorder it is very important to know the basics responsible for such disease. OCD is also a kind of an anxiety disorder.

Everyone in this world has stress and anxiety. This anxiety can be due to many reasons either personal or financial. It is a vague feeling of apprehension or dread. So, anxiety is the root cause behind many people suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior which is also known as OCD.

OCD is a usual response by people to internal and external stimuli which can result to unconscious and conscious behavioral, cognitive, emotional and also physical disorders.

So, OCD can be characterized by compulsions and obsessions. Different people show different symptoms. The obsessions can be continuous impulses and apparently unmanageable thoughts which constantly hit your mind. The person keeps on thinking on any topic for which he/she is tensed. At the same time the person is aware that the ideas and thoughts make no sense but still there is no control on such thoughts.

On the contrary, compulsions are mental or repetitive acts and behaviors which try to neutralize the anxiety feelings that any person is experiencing. Some of the OCD symptoms eradicate as the time passes whereas some get worse if the sufferer is stressed more.

Symptoms of OCD

People suffering from OCD generally show:

  • Fears of getting dirty
  • Washing their hands again and again
  • They prefer cleanliness around them
  • Make ways to clean the body every time
  • Checking things around them after every minute
  • Ensuring that the television is switched off
  • Checking that the doors are locked properly before leaving their house
  • Checking the doors even when going to sleep
  • Always looking for security and safety in the nearby areas
  • The obsession to avoid any danger and harm

Many people consider the OCD disorder persons as sinners and doubters. These people wish to be perfectionists and always want their work to be perfectly done. These people are always afraid that if their work is not completed, they would be punished for this and would feel bad about it.

Some others have obsessions of symmetry and order; they always try to keep things well- arranged. These people also show superstitions about colors, patterns and numbers.

There are many OCD sufferers who are also referred as Hoarders. This is because they fear that something wrong will take place if they happen to throw and toss like papers, pencils, books and bottle caps. They compulsively try to collect and save things, though there is no need of all this.

So, if you or any person who is in your relation feels any of the above mentioned signs of OCD then it is necessary to have a thorough psychological and medical exam before jumping to any conclusion.

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