The thyroid gland has an extremely important role in the human body. The role of the gland is to secrete hormones for a quick regulation of metabolism. The situation called hypothyroidism occurs when the gland fails to release T3 and T4 hormones required in a body. These hormones have a great role to play to decrease or increase metabolic activities.

This kind of situation is common in people who are over 60 yrs of age. This also occurs especially in women who are in their reproductive ages. It is also considered as an autoimmune disorder often related to Diabetes Mellitus and Vitiligo.

There are various causes for this autoimmune inflammation of thyroid gland. An autoimmune system mainly occurs when the body’s immune system fails to recognize or fights against its own tissues. The most common symptoms of hypothyroidism include muscle weakness, depression, constipation, dry skin, thin hair, poor memory, weight gain, dementia, rough skin, hoarse voice, unbalanced bowel movements, and decreased metabolism.

This kind of thyroid disorder can be prevented by ensuring a proper diagnosis of thyroids every month. If you are a thyroid patient make sure you visit your doctor and keep a tab of your medications. You must certainly avoid taking in additional dietary supplements and prefer natural medicine over others.

The doctor will make a diagnosis by simply testing your blood sugar and hormone secretion levels. The hormone produced by another gland namely the pituitary gland is further secreted by thyroid glands. The doctor might often prefer to opt for an ultrasound if things do not fall in place. Sometimes patients suffering from goiter will require an ultrasound examination.

The thyroid disorder can certainly be treated with the help of tablets. You will be supposed to consume small doses of medicines to begin with everyday. Once this is done the patient’s metabolic rate increases; further which the dose would be shortened. All these hormone tablets have literally no side-effects. They are easy to consume and increases the metabolism of the patient. In case you want to know more about hypothyroidism you can always go online and get detailed information regarding testimonials, medications, surgery options etc.