Home Cure of Arthritis l Home Remedies For Arthritis

There are over 100 types of arthritis and are caused due to various reasons. However, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis are the most common ones. In Osteoarthritis there is loss or breakdown of the joint cartiledge often resulting in degeneration of the bones or at times bone spurs around the joints. In the case of Rheumatoid arthritis the lining around the joints, like muscles and tendons get inflamed causing immense pain and it is an autoimmune condition where the tissues get attacked.  In most cases medicines and exercises do help in decreasing the discomfort, but there are natural as well as home cures are available too.


Few home cure for arthritis

At home, from the kitchen some remedies for arthritic pains are available.

  • Hot Compress – The stiffness caused due to the muscles and joints can be relaxed with hot compress but the pain can increase if the area or joint is already heated up from the inflammation, which is caused in rheumatoid arthritis. So in cases of osteoarthritis, where there is minimal inflammation hot compress can help. Use a moist heated towel or a warm bath, shower or whirlpool from where the wet heat continues to flow. At pharmacies pouches filled with natural grains that retains the heat can be found, which can be heated up in the microwave and used.
  • Cold Compress – In cases of rheumatoid arthritis or gout, which are already inflamed and hot, in such cases cold compresses helps in relieving the pain. Cold water compress can be used by placing the area under cold flowing water, or use soaked washcloth in that area. Even crushed ice filled in a plastic bag or packet of frozen peas or strawberries is a good option. However, cold compress should not be used if a person is suffering from vasculitis (blood vessel inflammation) or Raynaud’s Phenomenon (it happens with rheumatoid arthritis at times, where there is spasms of arteries in toes and fingers).

For some people alternating the cold and hot compress might help in relieving the pain.

  • Aspartame – Some sugar-free soda pop has aspartame (artificial sweetener) that acts as the anti-inflammatory agent hence relieving the pain.
  • Epsom Salts – Magnesium salt is often used in reducing the swelling and soaking the area in a warm water mixed with Epsom salt will relieve the patient from joint aches.
  • Vinegar – Heat the vinegar and apply on the aching joint before going to bed.
  • Calcium and Dairy product: At times osteoarthritis causes the person to lose calcium from his or her bone. To counter that one should have calcium supplement and at times low-fat dairy products can help too.
  • Taking a long bath helps in releasing stress, add a cupful of sea salt in a tub of hot water and soak for 30 minutes every night to relieve the pain.
  • For rheumatoid arthritis have 6 – 50 gm of powdered or fresh ginger everyday as ginger works good as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Never bandage the area or joint that is paining as it will limit the blood circulation causing further damage, instead try to keep body warm all the time.
  • Adjusting the kitchen: These might be small things but adjusting the kitchen to your requirement while suffering from arthritis may help in decreasing the pain and the inflammation. Kitchen drawers with thin long handles will let the person use a grip that is not stressful. Use extra padding on handles so that it causes less pain. Instead of bending down when things fall on the floor, use long handled pinchers or grippers. Wagon or cart is a useful way of carrying heavy groceries or stationeries from car to the kitchen.