Home Cure (Remedies) For Anemia

There are people who look pale not because they have used some skin lightening cream, but due to the fact that they have low hemoglobin level in their body. This condition in medical parlance is often referred to as anemia.

When the red blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow deplete or are not sufficiently generated, falling below the 13.5gm/100ml for males and 12.0gm/100ml for females, the person is definitely anemic. Amongst several causes, Vitamin 12 deficiency, bone marrow infections, antibiotics and loss of blood during menstruation for females are responsible for anemic conditions to develop.

A doctor will prescribe iron fortifying tablets and capsules to address this deficiency, but how about exploring some home remedies which can alleviate the problem.

Apples are nature’s own cure:

The adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is never as true as in the case of an anemic patient. Munching on two to three fresh apples a day is one of the very best ways to beat anemia and enjoy some great tasting fruit as well. An apple is very rich source of iron and you can easily top up your iron deficiency with apple as a natural supplement.

Beet juice and dried figs are simply splendid:

There is something about the beet juice which makes you feel instantly more energetic. The blood red color and the fresh tangy flavor have a very soothing effect on the body and iron is replenished almost in a jiffy. Couple the beet juice with some dried figs and there you are soon enough in the pink of health. A few days of beet juice and dried figs will have you bounce back to good health.

Cold baths can cure:

Unbelievable but true. Many anemic patients have tried this method and it has worked wonders for them. They just took two regular baths in cold water for several weeks and their anemic condition showed marked improvement.

Cook in iron vessels:

One of the simplest and most effective cures for anemia is to simply switch your cooking vessels to iron from all other metals. When food is cooked in iron vessels, traces of iron are transferred to the food being cooked and it can easily make up for iron deficiency. For anemic as well as normal people, cooking in iron vessels is highly recommended. Do you know, aluminum vessels are carcinogenic and are also suspected to cause Alzheimer’s?

Sunbaths and massage:

Take regular sunbaths. Preferably catch the morning sun and combine this with mild to vigorous massage as a daily routine to raise your hemoglobin level. Massaging stimulates the blood and the sunlight provides the impetus for the body to produce more red blood cells.

Go vegan:

Cut out your meat consumption to the minimum. Eat more fresh leafy vegetables like spinach to beat your anemic condition effectively.