HIV Symptoms

We all know that HIV if left ignored then it might result in AIDS. HIV is a kind of harmful virus which weakens your body’s immune system. Generally this virus is found in both women and men. It can be diagnosed either in the blood or some other fluids in the body like semen and vaginal fluids.

HIV cannot stay for long outside anyone’s body. So, it this virus is present in the infected person’s body fluids. The blood flowing to different parts of the body can transmit the virus to various parts and some delicate kinds of mucous membranes, inside the urethra, vagina or rectum.

So, it is very necessary to know the symptoms of HIV so as to prevent the deadly disease AIDS. However, the symptoms differ both in men and women. Men mostly experience mild fever or moderate frequent headaches in this. These headaches are similar to your normal headaches.

Some of the infected men have been observed with some swelling or inflammation in the lymph glands of the body. Other HIV symptoms include swelling, firmness and raise of gland in neck, groin or armpit. However, this kind of swelling is not at all painful and shows no discomfort, so it is neglected by many people.

Some drastic change in the stamina or energy level can also be HIV symptoms in many men. In such cases they might experience fatigue or tiredness. Generally, it has been found that more men experience this problem than women. AIDS is hitting very fast now-a-days in different parts of the world. Today, young generation is getting prone to this virus very fast.

In women some of the most common HIV symptoms include a regular vaginal infection that is usually yeast infections. Pelvic inflammatory disease and abnormal pap smears are also signs of HIV. Other symptoms also include genital warts and ulcers.

If any woman is infected with HIV then irregular menstrual cycles can also be experienced by her. It can result either in missed periods or no periods for long time. Some of the other initial HIV symptoms include normal flu symptoms such as body aches, fever, fatigue and sore throats. This is due to the breakdown of immune system to fight against such viruses. This can also result in weight loss, loss of apatite and diarrhea.

Once you notice any of these symptoms, it is better to immediately consult a medical professional so as to start the treatment although for any reason it might be. Do get tested for this virus. Although, it is no doubt a scary thing to go for, yet be confident and do not worry. There are many testing clinics that conduct HIV test and offer reliable, fast and also highly confidential tests.

Therefore, it is very crucial for one’s health and so he/she must not neglect the symptoms and get it tested as early as possible. HIV symptoms differ in women and men and so one should always be aware of this deadly virus and its harmful disease. You can get more idea from many other articles on net and get yourself protected.

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