HIV Symptoms in Men

All the people today are a lot more aware related to a deadly disease such as HIV or AIDS. Nowadays people are also aware about the different risks of having an unprotected sex. However, many people especially men are still not aware of many HIV symptoms in men.

Though, the chances of getting infected by this deadly disease are pretty less for lot many people out there, it is still beneficial for people to be aware of HIV symptoms in men. This is particularly important for a person who has unprotected sex or in other words does not use a condom during the sex.

However, the particular problem with this disease is that approximately over 33% people who are affected by this deadly disease do not have any signs or early symptoms of this disease.

In addition, what also is scary about this disease is that a lot of HIV positive men or women live for long periods or years without even knowing that they are already infected by this HIV virus. Of course, the early signs or symptoms can only be ascertained via a HIV test.

Why many doctors or people are afraid of this virus is that by the time people realize that they are infected, this virus has reached an advanced stage which leads to the last stage which is also known as AIDS.

This AIDS virus affects the white blood cells in the human body. These white blood cells perform the function of fighting against the diseases. Therefore, when a person gets affected by this AIDS virus he or she becomes susceptible to even a small cold. This small cold can lead to death in an AIDS patient.

However, while we talk about HIV symptoms in men I would like to also point out that having a HIV virus does not necessarily mean that you will be infected by the AIDS. It is only during the later stages of HIV disease that the signs become so pronounced that it might lead to AIDS.

The early stage of this disease is commonly known as primary HIV infection. During the early stages of HIV symptoms in men, he should be more careful. Some of the common early symptoms of HIV include flu or glandular fever.

A simple way of figuring out about HIV symptoms is to see if you are having some symptoms mentioned above especially after you have had an unprotected sex with someone.

Some of the symptoms that you should look out for are: a rash on the chest or arm, some swollen glands around the neck or armpits, diarrhea, nausea, a feeling of low appetite, some pain in joints, lower back and muscles, severe fatigue and lack of energy, dry and sore throat and high fever along with headache.

Though, there are many people or individuals who will show the symptoms of this deadly disease; however, there are many who probably will not show the symptoms too. The only way to remain unaffected from this disease is by having some protection.

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