About Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure which is used for replacing the hip joint with artificial version. A long term solution is provided for damaged or worn out hip joints. These are caused by a disease or injury such as osteoarthritis. A loss of mobility and severe pain is caused by this condition.

The hip joint is also known as ball and socket joint. Both the rounded ball and the natural socket are replaced by the operation.  Artificial parts are used. The natural motion of the hip joint is replicated by these parts. More than 50,000 replacements are carried every year. Hip replacement is more common in women than in men.

Hip resurfacing is also known as an alternative to hip replacement.  The damaged and diseased surfaces in hip joints are replaced with metal parts. The bone which is removed is very less. Implant is required.

The outlook of a hip replacement is considered to be very good. It’s a routine operation and the joint pain is ended by it. The mobility is increased and the quality of life is improved.  The lasting of this hip replacement is for 20 to 30 years.  However, this operation is very major. The recovery period is also very long.  The problems include wear and tear of prosthesis. This is mainly found in people who are very active. The device is very loosening or dislocating.

Hip replacement is also very beneficial. However, there is a very little information that is available about the reliability and safety of this method. The lasting of the hip resurfacing parts are not known. However, one can expect their lasting up to 10 years.  Thus one should definitely go in for a hip replacement if other methods do not work. This method is surely very beneficial.