High T4 Syndrome

Everybody knows that there are 12 vertebrae’s namely T1- T12. All these move at the back of your spine. The joints of T4 and discs particularly are easily prone to small injury as your spine keeps making numerous motions. This unnecessary motion often leads to injury to the local nerve and numbness and pain in the arms. The pain gets worse towards the upper arm. Sometimes the pain resembles to pain experienced by needles and pins. This stabbing pin is also noticed in your back, shoulder, chest, ribs and neck. Only one side of your body will be affected by this pain.

Sometimes, the injury can also take long to heal or fade and continuous activity might make things difficult. You will not be able to move your muscles the way you would want to. Hence, activities like driving, bending and sitting becomes difficult for all of them. T4 syndrome often occurs due to stabling injury on the spine and strenuous lifting activities. This injury often takes place due to a sudden frisk or movement of back which can occur due to a basketball game or gymnastics. This can further lead to a poor posture.

You must consult your doctor who will be able to diagnose and understand the problem better. You might be advised to go for a physiotherapy which may help to work out a proper treatment. You must ideally take rest while the injury heals and recover better. The patient is requested to take efficient rest as the T4 syndrome often gets worse when not succeeded with rest. You should also avoid all kind of activities that will put pressure on your spine and T4 vertebrae. Applying ice on your spine can help lowering the impact on T4 vertebrae. You must sit to the minimum and always prefer to visit a doctor whenever needed.

Sometimes T4 syndrome often leads to permanent back pain. Headache, loss of appetite and strain on muscles are some of the symptoms. A therapist would be the ideal person to judge and comment on treating T4 syndrome and prescribing medications. You shall take two to three weeks to completely get normal. Hence do not exert too much as this might rupture the vertebrae. Also keep travelling limited while you are resting. There might be days when packets of ice or balm can be applied but any treatment should be in judgment with your doctor and therapist.