HIFU (High-Intensity-Focused-Ultrasound) – Advantages

High- Intensity- Focused-Ultrasound uses high intensity ultrasound waves, that are focused on a small area of between 4mm to 16mm to produce heat and energy that kills the cancer cells. To ensure that this is accurately done MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in done, both to localize the area of infection/tumor /cancer cells as well as monitor the temperature.

  • Magnetic resonance image guidance allows the radiologist to target the cancer cells with a high- intensity focused ultrasound beam.
  • Process is called ‘SONICATION’-ultrasound beam delivered to the target is converted to heat energy.
  • Technique relies on heat induced tissue necrosis (coagulative), which is achieved when the cancer cells are heated to or beyond a temperature of 57?C leading to tissue infarction/death.
  • It is vital to deflect the ultrasound beam from the bowel loop and bones.

HIFU prostate cancer treatment is the latest alternative for men with unifocal or independent prostate cancer. The tumor is the only thing that is treated in HIFU and not the entire prostate gland. The high energy focused ultrasound beam is concentrated through the side of the back path to the prostate gland to warm and terminate an exact amount of tissue.

The purpose of HIFU is to spare as much as possible the healthy tissue from getting affected. This treatment also helps in preventing any harm to the muscles that control the flow of urine encircling the constructions and erection operating nerves while even tendering cancer constrain.

Advantages of HIFU Prostate Cancer treatment

  • It’s a 20 to 90 minutes procedure where the patient need not require staying in the hospital.
  • The beam is passed through the cancer cells only and therefore has lesser side effects.
  • It prevents the chance of surgical infection since it does not need an opening.
  • Speedy life style recovery after the therapy.
  • The patient’s sexual energy is preserved.
  • It keeps the fundamental constructions and functions of the organs in the area of the gland intact.
  • The process can be done again if needed.

The patient has to go for regular checkups. 90% of the patients suffering from prostate cancer prefer HIFU treatment/therapy. The treatment can repeated, however the some conventional treatment like surgical procedure or radiotherapy is also possible after HIFU. It is appropriate for patients suffering from unifocal or unilateral disorder.