Herbal Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Over the centuries we the human being have shifted from a simple diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains to a rather harmful diet that consists of more fats, oils and complex carbohydrates. Nutritional excesses and nutritional deficiency are the cause of a number of chronic diseases in today’s modern world. This has brought in the necessity of herbal medicine to eradicate the excess toxin in the body accumulated due to imbalanced/improper diet.

Herbal medicines or “Herbal remedies” for prostate cancer has in a randomized clinical trial has proved to be a highly regarded approach. However combination of herbal remedies in the market should be approached cautiously as they have reported a number of serious side effects like venous thrombosis, loss of libido (desire for sex) etc. For example a popular supplement used by men with prostate cancer called PC-SPES was taken off market as it was said to other drugs that caused serious health problems.

Many herbs (including astragalus, dong quai, Echinacea and Asian ginseng) boost the immune system of the body and so shore up the body from future or existing cancer.

Studies suggest that shiitake or maitake mushrooms, mistletoe, extracts of the Venus flytrap and various botanical therapies used in the traditional Chinese medicine may help treat certain forms of cancer. Ginger helps relieve a patient from nausea that often accompanies conventional cancer therapies.

Mistletoe (Viscum album L.) is a semi- parasitic plant that lives with trees like oak, pine, fir, elm and apple. Its extracts have been used since ancient times. It is being used in today’s modern laboratory to kill cancer cells and stimulate the immune system of the body

Only the European species of mistletoe is used to treat cancer. It has been reported to reduce tumor size and improve quality of life.  Three components in it – ‘lectins, alkaloids and viscotoxins’ are responsible for the biological effects. Mistletoe is typically given by a subcutaneous injection close to the tumor

Saw Palmetto is a short palm tree found in the southeastern region of US. Its berries are dried and powdered and used as a tea or in capsules. It is prescribed for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).It controls the tendency of frequent urination. Its extract is effective for controlling prostate gland enlargement.