Herbal Medicines for Thyroid

Thyroid disorders are very common these days as majority of the people suffer thyroid related problems. People have to take expensive treatments, surgeries and are even required to take thyroid tablets for a long time.

However, these method of treatments have a lot of side effects associated with them and often, they can affect the quality of life of a person. Thus, many people are looking for alternative means of treatment for thyroid related disorders. One such alternative treatment method is herbal treatment, in which, medicines made out of herbs are used to cure patients suffer from thyroid disorders.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines for thyroid are preferred by many people as they do not have any side effects. Different thyroid conditions are treated with different herbal medicines. In case of Hyperthyroidism, medicines made of the herb bugleweed is taken thrice a day by the patient. Hypothyroidism is treated by medicines made of the herb bladderwrack, the dosage depends on the condition of the patient.

In case of other thyroid disorders such as goitar (thyroid gland enlargement) etc., herbs that contain Avena sativa, Equisetum arvense, Centella asiatica, fucu vesiculosis and coleus forskohlii etc. are used.

Even Traditional Chinese Medicines, made of different herbs such as ginseng, Liriope, rehmannia, jujube, peony, monkshood, plantain, yam, Euodia, plantain, lovage, Atractylodes, Shoveler, mandarin, angelic etc. are also used widely for treating thyroid disorders.


The effectiveness of such herbal medicines has been a matter of debate for a long time. Some skeptics believe that these treatments do not show any results as they are ineffective in curing thyroid related problems, whereas many supporters of herbal treatment strongly advocate the effectiveness of such treatments. Besides, these herbs do not have any side effects and so people do not hesitate from trying such treatment methods. However, the medicines could be a little expensive as the herbs are not readily available.