Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart attack is a very common disease nowadays; many people have been reported to have these problems. Sometimes people do take panic attack as heart attacks and start to worry.

Chest pain is one of the most common forms of heart attack symptoms. This article below focuses on the different symptoms of heart attack so that you are able to figure out whether you have suffered the heart attack or not.

Some common heart attack symptoms are difficulty in breathing, nausea, and tingling and chest pain. However, you should be careful when you have a heart attack because the heart attack can also trigger panic attack.

So, chest pain as earlier said is the most common form of heart attack symptoms. However, how do you recognize that the chest pain that you are having is related to heart attack only.

Chest pain in case of heart attack comes with a crushing feeling. The chest pain while heart attack is normally in middle of your chest and may further go down to the left arm or your back. This chest pain is not affected by your breathing and can last for over five minutes on an average.

Tingling is another symptom which is usually limited to your left arm. Another one in the long list of heart attack symptoms is that you might have a feeling or sense of shortness of breath; however, it is not as severe as hyperventilation. Breathing in and out does not make your heart attack worse.

However, research and scientific studies conducted by various institutes such as National Health Institute have suggested that some women can experience all together a different set of heart attack symptoms while suffering from a heart attack (the term is medically called as myocardial infarction).

Though, the above mentioned heart attack symptoms do apply to women as well, but still there are some other heart attack symptoms too.

Compared to men, women are less prone to heart attack or related diseases. Since, there are very few cases of heart attacks reported in women, it has only recently established that the heart attack symptoms in women are very much different than the heart attack symptoms in men.

Many scientific studies and test have clearly showed or proved that women do not always show acute chest pain while having a heart attack. Though, you can say that some of the women do experience a certain degree of tightness in their chest they do not always show acute chest pain which is primarily considered as one of the major symptoms of heart attack in men.

Till many years doctors were unaware of this difference in heart attack symptoms between man and women and they used to misdiagnose heart attack in women. However, with the advancement in medical technology doctors are able to differentiate that today.

So, in the end I would just like to say that take care of your heart and do look out for the heart attack symptoms mentioned above.

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