Gout Symptoms

Normally, whenever there is a discussion related to the gout symptoms, many individuals often keep circling around two of the very obvious symptoms i.e. some inflamed joints or swollen big toe. The people normally talk about the reasons related to food that leads to this attack.

The people also tend to discuss the sever pain or high uric acid level in the blood. However, majority of the people including some of the medical professionals or physicians are not aware about the hidden gout symptoms.

Among the entire list of hidden gout symptoms, there is this one symptom that sometimes is pretty obvious but still is ignored by many patients of gout. This symptom is normally seen when the patients have a blood test, and this symptom is seen in the texture of the blood.

Almost all the individuals suffering from high uric acid levels in their blood (commonly known as hyperuricemia) will normally see that their blood is slightly thicker and darker than the blood of a healthier person.

Actually, if you think, thick blood is the primary cause or root of all the gout symptoms. Normally, the presence of a lot of acidic substances in the plasma of the blood will reduce the number of negatively charged ions that are present on the surface of RBCs (red blood cells).

This condition causes the RBCs (red blood cells) to come together, thus reducing the surface exposure resulting in drastic increase in the viscosity of blood fluid. This make the blood look thick and sticky.

Healthy or proper blood can complete a circle in the body primarily in less than 1 minute time; however, thick blood normally takes twice this time to complete a circle in the body. This decreases the effectiveness of the function of the blood of delivering some vital & important nutrients and oxygen in the body parts. This condition is primarily the start of the gout symptoms.

Insufficient or less than the optimum amount of blood supply in the brain will make the patient suffering from gout feel more sleepy and tired. The patient does normally wake up in a state of blur mind even though he has taken a good sleep of over 8 hours or sometimes even more.

In reality, the majority of the patients suffering from gout are not able to have a good night sleep even when the pain related to the gout is not present.

When the patient undergoes this condition for some time, he or she will have low energy level and weak memory which will ultimately affect his productivity. This might even lead to change in personality of the patient as he may become hot tempered and impatient.

Such negative emotions or condition will slowly affect his friends and family members too and will ultimately affect the quality of his or her life.

In reality, most potential patients of gout will feel at some point of time these hidden gout symptoms much before they are actually attacked by the gout. So, people need to take care of such gout symptoms.

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