Goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. It is definitely not cancerous. The person suffering from goiter will certainly have very normal levels of thyroid hormones and sometimes the level can go very low.

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are both equally responsible for this. The thyroid gland looks like a butterfly and is located just below the Adams’ apple. In case the thyroid gland grows larger than necessary it turns into goiter. This particular disorder is generally painless but patients do experience trouble in swallowing food.

It is a known fact that goiter was caused due to lack of iodine. This is considered invalid by most countries as an imbalance in thyroid hormones are the main reasons. There are though an equal number of people who suffer from goiter as they have an imbalanced diet. Nearly 8.5% of people in Britain have goiter. This swelling looks elongated and can be present even during birth.

The important symptoms to note are an enlargement in the thyroid gland. The beginning of this disorder starts with a headache and rash. This can be the first sign to understand that there are some major problems. Although some might notice the goiter they would be unaware of its symptoms and possible appearance. The other main symptoms of this disorder include swelling and formation of lump. The swelling takes place at the lower end of the neck. You can keep a check of this while looking at the mirror or while applying make-up.

There are two main types of goiter. Firstly, diffuse small goiter is when the entire thyroid gland swells. This can turn smooth while it is touched or felt. The next would be nodular goiter. Here small nodules form goiter which then swells. They are lumpy and can be soft when touched too. Some of the most common symptoms include tightness in the throat, breathing problems, swallowing issues, coughing more than necessary, breathlessness, stern voice and low stamina.

People suffering from goiter often end up looking for assistance when it comes to food. They can chew very little at a time and will often prefer liquids than hard solids. They also need to avoid solid spicy foods that might add fire to the already existing irritation. You will notice that the person will always cover the neck with a bow or scarf as prolonged sun exposure can cause burns. They are also required to get proper medications taken from doctors and follow check-ups regularly.