Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

There are very few people who know about Glaucoma. This is a condition that is associated with a dysfunction in the optic nerve. As every one knows an optic nerve is responsible for the vision. The retina in the optic nerves transmits signals to the brain from where vision is perceived. So, the damages in the optic nerves result in glaucoma.

Today the leading cause of blindness throughout the world is only glaucoma. Any individual suffering from this disease can even get blind by both eyes. However, it has been observed that many people who suffer from glaucoma are unaware of the disease.

People are not aware of this problem though suffering this problem as initially glaucoma shows no signs and symptoms. The loss of vision also takes places so slowly that it remains unnoticeable. This disease mostly affects the adults and especially those who are above 50 years. Mostly those people who are suffering from far sightedness are affected by glaucoma rather than those suffering from near sightedness.


Along with knowing the symptoms of glaucoma it is very important to know the major cause behind glaucoma. This is caused due to the

  • Excess pressure in eyes which damages the optic nerve.
  • Working for prolonged hours under insufficient light: This is also a major cause for glaucoma.
  • Wrong food habits: This is the real cause of glaucoma. Proper diet rich in green vegetables and fruits should always be taken to avoid any disease.
  • Use of some medicines: Certain suppressive drugs used to cure any disease might also result in glaucoma as its side-effects.
  • Defective living style: Improper planning and unplanned routine results in defective lifestyle which also causes glaucoma.
  • Excess stress: Sometimes work pressure also puts strain on the eyes and causes glaucoma.
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Sinus condition and giddiness

So, these are some of the major causes responsible for glaucoma and disturbance of automated nervous system.


  • Loss of side vision: This is the first sign of glaucoma.
  • Vision impairment: As the disease progresses, it results in vision impairment in which a person cannot see properly as images are not formed clearly in the brain.
  • Colored rings: These rings usually appear round the objects that are placed at distance. This is also considered as a preliminary glaucoma symptom.
  • Pain in the eyebrow region
  • Iris pushed forward
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred Vision
  • High Pressure in eyes
  • Inflammation
  • Extreme pain in eyes
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Seeing halos around lights

However, if not treated at the right time this disease might cause complete blindness. So, if there is any problem in vision in the initial stages then visit an ophthalmologist immediately.

Effective Natural Treatment

  • Tea, beer, coffee, tobacco and some juices and fluids must be avoided.
  • More intake of vitamin B, A, C, minerals and other protein rich foods.
  • Increase the intake of fruits and green vegetables.
  • Enema of warm water and cleansing of bowels should be administered everyday.
  • Intake of calcium and B-complex must be increased.

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