Mono (Mononucleosis) Food Diet

Mono food diet is a popular way of eating on a row food diet in order to be fully satisfied. Case digestion, and intensify the taste of food.

On a mono diet only one type of food is enjoyed at each meal, but not all rows foods have to consume in this function. Most people will eat a mono raw breakfast or lunch and have a mixed salad at dinner.

The mono food diet may be divided into three groups –

  • High protein food like nuts, eggs, cheese, and fish
  • High carbohydrates like vegetables
  • Starches like rice and potatoes

For mono food diet, following are some of the best menus:

Menu 1:

  • Breakfast- bananas and apples are very useful for breakfast.
  • Lunch- half a roast chicken may included in your lunch, this type lunch is more helpful for mono food diet.
  • Dinner- 3 baked potatoes may be included in dinner meal.

Another type mono food diet may included these foods-

Menu 2:

  • Breakfast- 2 hard-boiled eggs and slices of cheese in your breakfast.
  • Lunch- large boil of pasta with herbs for flavoring, piece of bread.
  • Dinner- unlimited quantity of vegetables.

Eat three meals a day leaving at least four hour between each meal. Its advisable to eat once from each group for a super balanced diet.