Follicular Thyroid Cancer

Follicular thyroid cancer is the second most recognized and prevailing kind of disease amongst most thyroid patients. They are very aggressive in nature unlike papillary thyroid cancer. This kind of cancer occurs in older woman and less common in children.

In case of papillary cancer, the person might have undergone radiation exposure for a very long time. The follicle cells have a role to assist the thyroid gland in smooth functioning of hormone secretion and in increasing the metabolic rate of a human body. If they work properly they manage the metabolic activities in a very efficient manner.

However, if the patient has a follicular thyroid cancer, the cells become aggressive and do not spread rapidly. Age is the most critical factor in case of follicular thyroid cancer. Sometimes patients over 40 yrs of age might undergo serious of changes post follicular cancer. The main characteristic of follicular cancer is vascular invasion. The instant spread of cells reaches bones, brain, liver, bladder and skin.

The main problems or features associated with follicular cancer are that they are also associated with excessive exposure to radiation. The age group of 40 to 60 is considered risky for follicular cancer. Women are again more prone to thyroid cancer than men. They can easily spread across various other organs causing a permanent damage to the efficient functioning of the body.

The cure rate is as high as 95% but certainly decreases with an increase in age. Sometimes removing the lobes is the only option if tumors are small in nature. This kind of thyroid replacement will help the entire body to remain safe. The younger the patient the lesser chances of detecting follicular thyroid cancer. Sometimes radioactive iodine therapy will also help to treat these nodules easily. This follicular thyroid cancer certainly does not spread fast and hence it becomes easy to detect at an early stage.

You must always keep yourself well informed about the four kinds of thyroid surgery in case you know friends suffering from the same.