Fever Symptoms

Any person in any age can suffer from fever. Mostly people get fever when some virus attacks their body. It also depends on the immunity system of the body to fight against these viruses and prevent individuals from getting fever. Those persons with weak immunity system have fair chances of suffering from fever because the WBC’s or white blood corpuscles are not enough to fight against the virus.

Every person is aware of the fever symptoms. Some of the most commonly occurring fever symptoms include: headaches, cold, shiver, fatigue, pain in the joints, sore throat, weakness, backache, red face and weight loss. In rare cases, people also suffer from abdominal pain when have fever. The best way to measure the fever is by using the digital thermometer

Few of the other fever symptoms that are only observed in particular kind of fever include swollen and painful joints, shortness of breath, throat infection and chest pain. People might also show different signs such as rashes on the skin of back, chest and stomach.

Fever can be of any type. This means fever can be malaria fever, viral fever, jaundice fever, typhoid fever, rheumatic or due to any other illness. Rheumatic fever generally occurs in children with age between 6 to 16 years. So, the fever that has caused depends on the kind of virus that has attacked the body. These viruses are transmitted in the body through blood and hence spread to all body parts.

Apart from this many other major problems such cancer etc also show fever as their symptoms. So, it is very necessary to visit a doctor so as to know what kind of fever you have and start the treatment.

Doctors can know about the disease very well either by performing blood or urine tests. These tests are very authentic and help doctors know about the kind of fever any person has. In this way proper treatment can be started for the disease to cure it.

Secondly, it is very necessary to build a strong immunity system of the body. This can be done by taking a balanced diet which includes green leafy vegetables and fruits. Also, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water helps to avoid many other illnesses.

Also, if fever occurs frequently in 1-2 months, then it should not neglected and consult a specialist to determine the proper cause behind the disease. Do not hesitate in visiting a doctor as it is always possible to cure a disease at an early stage. Once the disease progresses, it takes more time for recovery.

Today, many good antibiotics are available today which are used to treat fever. These drugs are very effective and offer good results. However, there are many people who take medicines on their own, without consulting any doctor. They go to medical stores and buy the drugs. But it is not right as infections are not properly treated in such cases and so the problem occurs again after sometime.

Hence, if you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms consistently for 2-3 days then go to a doctor immediately to cure the disease.

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