Fatty Liver Symptoms and its Treatment

The condition of penetration of fat within your liver cells is normally referred as Fatty liver. It is a very dreaded disease and people should be aware of fatty liver symptoms and its treatment. In this disease the fat within the liver cells starts occupying too much space due to which the liver starts losing its efficiency.

The lost in liver efficiency results in increase in toxic waste within the body. Approximately, 33 percent of total American population suffers from this disease and condition. Moreover, a lot many people do not even recognize that they are suffering from this condition.

Therefore, identify fatty liver symptoms and knowing its treatment becomes all the more important. Below we discuss some of fatty liver symptoms:

Majority of mild fatty liver symptoms are, well, mild. These mild fatty liver symptoms do not require you to visit a nearby doctor; however, they do signal that you need to care to avoid some complex situations.

Fatty liver disease often results in dark circles below the eyes, dizziness, headaches, coated tongue, feeling of being bloated always and bad breath. In addition, if you have excess weight i.e. you are overweight chances of fatty liver increases further if you are not able to decrease this additional weight even after doing exercises and following a diet.

However, you should consider that being overweight does not lead to disease; it should be regarded as one of the fatty liver symptoms only when you are not able to reduce your weight.

Some of the other fatty liver symptoms include increased in cholesterol level, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In addition, you should also keep in mind that liver test might not capture this disease always. Sometimes in case of mild fatty liver symptoms the liver test might come negative too i.e. it might show that you do not have this disease.

Some of the other fatty liver symptoms include: abdominal tenderness & pain, swelling of the feet & legs, fatigue, weakness, dry mouth, mental confusion, fever, nausea and loss of appetite.

The best treatment for these fatty liver symptoms and the disease is more exercise and a change in the diet. As far as diet is concerned people should start eating more fruits and vegetables.

In the diet the intake of processed foods (particularly foods that are rich in sugar) and animal products should also come down. Though, you may think that this is very standard comment on the diet part; however, studies have shown that this kind of diet has helped in reversing this fatty liver disease in many cases.

You can probably include some herbs in your diet. In addition, increased intake of ginger, turmeric, dandelion, and artichoke and milk thistle is also expected to benefit people who are suffering from this disease. Apart from the above mentioned things, people can also probably rely on dietary supplements.

You need to be careful about this fatty liver disease, because as earlier stated this disease is difficult to diagnose during the early stages and you need to be careful about this.

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