Epilepsy Symptoms

Epilepsy is a group of interconnected disorders that involve a propensity of recurrence seizures. Epilepsy is of different kinds and also the seizures vary accordingly. Just like other diseases this also should not be left ignored. Today very effective treatments are available for epilepsy. Drugs are available to control the seizures. However, surgery is also preferred in some cases where the drugs do not show the desired results.

Before looking at the epilepsy symptoms it is very important to know the causes of epilepsy. The prominent cause of this disorder and the seizures is head trauma. Researches and studies have also proved that any remote injured that might have occurred some time ago might cause epilepsy. But it has not been confirmed yet that what kind of or how long this injury should be.

It is also possible that epilepsy risk might increase substantially when there is any open wound. Sometimes this seizure is very intense. This can be seen as the lack of consciousness, body stiffening, shivering, tongue biting and also frequent urination. This kind of seizure is also termed as tonic clonic seizures of epilepsy.

When every area of the brain gets disturbed by any electrical activity, it might also result in a comprehensive seizure. This directly means that consciousness or the lack of consciousness may be impaired. After sometime every the arms and legs of the epilepsy infected individual stiffen and then jerk rhythmically.

Some of the symptoms of epilepsy are discussed below:

  • Partial – simple seizure: This kind of seizure is furthermore classified into 4 main categories depending on the symptoms’ nature which can be automatic, sensory, motor or psychological. For instance: the motor epilepsy symptoms are comprehensive of movements such as jerking and stiffening.
  • Atonic seizure: This is also a kind of epilepsy symptom in which the muscles of the body become floppy. People experiencing such type of seizure may plunge on the ground.
  • Generalized seizures: This is considered as the most frequent symptom of epilepsy. This seizure is also known by the name grand -mal epilepsy. This kind of seizure directly affects the whole brain.

So, the epilepsy symptoms differ on the kind of seizure it is. Sometimes, an infected person with epilepsy would experience the same sort of seizures every time. Therefore, the symptoms might be similar from one episode to other. However many individuals suffer from different kinds of seizure that too with different symptoms every time.

Some of the effective epilepsy treatments include:

Pharmacotherapy – It is believed that the anti-epileptic drugs are effective and help in controlling the seizures to eighty percent for those individuals who are diagnosed at later stages.

Surgical therapy – Diagnostic technology and surgical techniques have also proved to be good and effective epilepsy seizures treatment.

Alternative Treatments – This treatment involves biofeedback and vitamins.

Medications – Every medication has both benefits and its side effects but is appropriate for different kinds of epilepsy.

Corpus Callosotomy – When the seizures cause falls and injuries then this procedure might be taken into consideration.

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