Elbow Pain – Causes, Treatment

Elbow pain is a common pain faced by everyone mainly it occurs due to some over exertion or weight lifting. Elbow pain can occur any time even a minute over exertion could lead to elbow pain. Sometimes banging your elbow in a door or wall can also cause elbow pain. When a person hurts his elbow he feels a shock and indirectly his whole hand starts paining. This pain may either be temporary or could continue for days together. Taking proper diagnosis is necessary when a person faces elbow pain. Do not exert yourself when you undergo elbow pain as it may become severe.

Causes of elbow pain:

  • Elbow pain is caused due to tendons these are connective tissues made out of proteins. These tendons attach the muscle and bone together.  When these tendons get injured it directly leads to elbow pain.
  • Another cause for elbow pain could be weight lifting. People who go to gym for maintaining fitness usually lift heavy weights which cause sever elbow pain in the initial stage for people who are not habituated of lifting such heavy weights.
  • Exercises could also lead to elbow pains. Apart from exercises tennis and golf players can experience elbow pain because they have to frequently use their hands for playing. Also holding bat constantly for a few hours could lead to joint pain.
  • Accidental hurt to the elbow could lead to major fractures too
  • These were some cause which could lead to mild or sever elbow pain. The next thing which is important is to take proper treatment for immediate cure. Treatment is necessary because it may otherwise lead to some sever fracture or arthritis problem.

Treatment for elbow pain:

  • Rest and ice could be used for temporary relief. A bandage could also be helpful at times.
  • Make sure you keep the injured are covered. A massage with ointment and balms could be helpful.
  • Home remedies like placing the hot water bag over the injured area could also be helpful.
  • If the pain is severe it is always better to visit a doctor and take proper treatment from him.

It is said that prevention is better than cure so to avoid elbow you must take proper care of yourself. People who cannot exert much must not try doing it. Take proper precautions while playing to avoid elbow pains. Hence take proper care and live a fit life by avoiding such elbow pains.