Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Every person knows about pregnancy. In pregnancy, the fertilization takes place when the sperm fuses with egg in fallopian tube. The fertilized eggs then reach the uterus and remain there for the complete pregnancy period.

However, ectopic pregnancy is a kind of uncommon or abnormal pregnancy where the fertilized egg is not able to reach the uterus for gestation period. The fertilized egg remains and grows outside the uterus such as cervix, fallopian tube and abdominal cavity.

Proper treatment is very necessary once the gynecologist comes to know about ectopic pregnancy.

Any pregnant woman showing signs and symptoms such as pain or tenderness in the abdomen or pelvis must visit a doctor. Other symptoms observed in ectopic pregnancy involve abdominal pain in the lower region, vaginal bleeding which rises with shoulder pain, back pain in the lower region during sleeping and pelvic pain are the major signs of this pregnancy.

The signs of ectopic pregnancy resemble to those of normal pregnancy. This includes breast tenderness, breast tenderness, morning sickness and missed menstrual period. So, due to these common symptoms it becomes very difficult to determine that the pregnancy is ectopic. Hence, in any case it is very important to consult a doctor soon specially when there are symptoms of bleeding and stomach pain.

An ectopic pregnancy can be easily determined by doing a simple blood test or through an ultrasound. This would help to know whether the pregnancy is tubal or normal pregnancy. If ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed at an early stage then the risks of future pregnancies are highly reduced and you can regain your health. Also, the risks associated with the hidden health can be removed or reduced if found sooner.

It is very difficult to find the reasons in many cases for the ectopic pregnancy. The fallopian tube problem is considered as the most common one. This could be due to pelvic infections, intrauterine contraceptive devices and endometriosis. This ectopic pregnancy can also be due to many hormonal drugs such as contraceptive hormonal medication, abdominal surgeries, and fertility drugs including smoking and reproductive system.

Another way to know about ectopic pregnancy is by using quantitative HCG test. If the doctor suspects about ectopic pregnancy or any kind of vaginal spotting then quantitative HCG test is considered as the initial stage of testing. This problem can be diagnosed by the main indicator that shows slow rising levels of HCG.

In case of normal pregnancy it is observed that the HCG levels double in every 2-3 days in the initial days of pregnancy but in ectopic pregnancy this is not the case. The doctor may recommend for more blood tests and ultrasound to eliminate various other problems when the HCG levels are not doubled or decreased.

In the initial months of pregnancy gentle cramping is very normal. However, severe cramping or spotting with cramping is not considered as normal. This is also a sign of the ectopic pregnancy. These cramps are similar to the menstrual cramps. So, do not ignore any of the symptoms and visit a doctor immediately.

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