What Are The Dos and Don’ts For Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis pain is quite a persistent one and often it aggravates and without proper treatment it will only deteriorate. An arthritic patient should know the dos and the don’ts to cope up with the arthritis pain.

Consult your doctor and get a clear idea about the type of arthritis you have including get to know the condition or the damage of the joints that are affected by arthritis. Also talk about all the symptoms that you have, even those which you might find unrelated.


Dos for Arthritis Pain

  • Start exercising so the stiffness reduces and while watching television or sitting in a particular position remember to stretch your body, legs, and hands and even get up and walk around so that there is no overuse of the joints.
  • Exercise should be such that it will help in strengthening your muscles and improve the endurance of the muscles around the joints.
  • Medication is available for arthritis pain relief, but it’s better to consult a doctor for the medicines, which can help in treating the specific arthritic symptoms. During the initial pains that is not too severe resting the joints and applying hot or cold packs can be useful. At times over-the-counter medicines like aspirins can relieve the occasional pains. For persisting pains apart from the doctors medication having OTC ibuprofen or naproxen can be good as they help in reducing the inflammation. It is always good to know when to expect pain and take the medication few hours before that, so paining of the joints are likely to happen when one involves in working the joints.
  • Mood and psychological well-being is an important factor in relieving the pains and the discomfort of the swelling caused due to arthritis. There are three possible ways interrupt the destructive interaction of the mind and body.

Cognitive behavioral therapy – Helping a patient with the therapy of talking and modification of the behaviour helps the person in coping with overuse of medications and even suffering from emotional withdrawals.

Lifestyle changes – One needs to quit smoking as it increases the stress on the connective tissues causing more pains. Also overweight add to the complications in arthritis pain hence gradual weight loss and quitting of smoking habit is required.

Acupuncture – Hair-thin needles are used in this treatment, and some people have relief from the acupuncture.

Don’ts for Arthritis Pain

  • Over exercising is not good, so too much of jumping, running, walking, tennis, high impact aerobics and repeating of the same movements is likely to increase the pains caused by arthritis.
  • In medication overtreatment and under-treatment must be avoided. In case of persistence of pain if the pain persists instead of taking aspirins and acetaminophen on regular basis consult a doctor. Some people even at times ignore the pain as a result increasing the damages caused by arthritis, they should take proper care and consult a physician and start getting treatment.
  • Catasrophizing is related to negative thought process, where one focuses on the pain only and starts believing the worst, hence have difficulty coping with the pain. One should go for therapies in such cases.
  • Addiction to alcohol and smoking increases the toxic level and eventually increasing the pain and causing stress to the connective tissues.

So star knowing the dos and the don’ts of the arthritis to have better and less painful days. Understanding the need of one’s body is also important in conducting the dos and the don’ts as individuals can have specific ways of coping with the pain. It is therefore better to keep a journal and see what one’s body demands in easing the arthritis pain.