Tips For Preparing For Doctor’s Appointment

How to prepare for Doctor’s appointment?

You are experiencing symptoms of depression and wondering what to do? You should stop worrying and think about seeking Doctor’s appointment. .

You should prepare for Doctor’s appointment because the appointments are usually brief and doctor needs to ask many questions.

Tips for preparing for doctor’s appointment

  • You should make a list of all the symptoms you are experiencing. You should also include those symptoms which may not be related to depression.
  • You should also make a list of recent major events in your life that had affected you including recent life changes.
  • You should also note down list of all medications you are taking including any supplements.
  • If you want to ask any questions from the doctor, you should prepare a list of such questions.
  • You should go for appointment along with a family member or friend for moral support. It is because you may not remember everything told by doctor. Also, your relative/friend may remember something that you might miss out.
  • As the time of appointment is limited, you should prepare a list of questions well in advance. Once the list is prepared, you need to prioritise the questions from most important to least important ones.

Basic questions to ask from your doctor

  • What are the major causes or symptoms of depression?
  • What are other possible causes apart from common symptoms?
  • What are the diagnostic tests for depression?
  • What are the various treatment therapies available for treating your depression?
  • What are the various alternative treatments suitable for your treatment?
  • What are the overall costs associated with treatment therapy?
  • Any restrictions that you should follow during the duration of treatment?
  • What are possible side effects for antidepressants medications?
  • Any generic alternatives available for the prescribed medicines?
  • Any brochures or printed material that you should read for learning more about disease?
  • Any recommended websites for learning more about disease?

During your conversation with your doctor, if you feel that you do not understand any terms or concept, you should not hesitate to ask.

Common Questions asked by Doctor

Your doctor may ask you many questions for identifying the exact cause of depression. You may prepare the answers for these questions well in advance so as to help the doctor in the diagnosis.

  • What are the various symptoms of depression experienced by you?
  • When did the first time, the symptoms of depression are noticed by you?
  • How long did the symptoms last?
  • What is the frequency of mood fluctuations?
  • Is there any set pattern for mood swings from feeling high to feeling low?
  • Any instances when you contemplate committing suicide?
  • How symptoms interfere with your daily life or relationships?
  • What is your daily lifestyle? Is it stressful?
  • Do you have any biological relatives with medical history of depression?
  • Do you have any associated disease or physical health conditions?
  • Are you addicted to smoking, alcohol or any other illicit drugs?
  • Do you have sleep disturbances?
  • Activities or any other things that improve your symptoms?
  • Activities or any other things that worsen your symptoms?