Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a very common disease and can affect any person in any age. Diabetes or high glucose level is generally caused due to the deficiency of insulin in the body. There are two kinds of diabetes. Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes and the symptoms of both are same.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes occur in a very short time. This is generally caused when the autoimmune response in the body attacks the beta cells present in the pancreas. In this there is no production of insulin in the body. This condition cannot be treated permanently, however can be controlled by taking the insulin supplementations throughput the life.

So, if this condition is not diagnosed at the right time, the diseases progresses to later stages where the infected person can even collapse to a diabetic coma. Hence, the symptoms of both the types must be known properly so as to start the treatment immediately.

However, the type 2 diabetes is different from the type 1. In this disease some amount of insulin is produced and delivered. But the amount is not enough or some cells may become resistant and do not properly use the available insulin. However, some insulin is present in the body. So, the symptoms progress gradually and increase after a long time.

Below discussed are some of the symptoms of diabetes. It is very necessary to seek a professional help in case if any of these symptoms are noticed:

  • Excessive thirst: This is the first sign of diabetes. Though, it is not necessary that this symptom is of diabetes, it can be due to other illness. However, it is good to consult a general practitioner to know about the disease exactly.
  • Frequent urination: This is also a common sign. Obviously if more fluid is entering in then it has to eject out. The urine might have a sweet smell depicting high sugar levels.
  • Vision problem: A diabetic person can face an abrupt vision change. This must be diagnosed promptly. Remember that high blood sugar levels can also injure the small blood vessels. This can even damage the careful structure of eyes.
  • A sweet smelling breath: This can be noticed in any diabetes sufferers and also their dearest and nearest. So, this symptom should also be not neglected.
  • A non-seasonal rise in hunger: This symptom is worth noting, particularly, when this is associated with an abnormal weight loss.
  • Lethargy and drowsiness: This symptom should not be ignored if it is observed for more than a week.
  • Heavy and labored breathing: This can also be a symptom of diabetes. So, consult a doctor to know about the illness properly.
  • Unconsciousness and stupor: This is the final symptom. This is a dangerous condition and later stage symptom of diabetes. Even doctor’s assistance is of no use after this symptom is observed.

So, never neglect any problems, if you observe them for more than a week. These are the warning signs which need immediate medical assistance. If left ignored these symptoms can worsen the condition and cause serious health problems

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