Dengue Fever Symptoms

Just like some other diseases Dengue is also a life threatening disease. The tropical regions are the most prone to this disease. Dengue is also referred as dengue hemorrhagic fever. However, the fever begins just as the normal fever but gets worse after sometime. It is very difficult for the patient to understand initially as some of the symptoms are quite similar to normal fever symptoms.

Dengue lasts for about 2-7 days. Some of the most common dengue fever symptoms include:

  • Pain in the joints
  • Pain in eyes
  • Muscle pain
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Sometimes bleeding also occurs in the gums, nose and the skin
  • Patients can experience abdominal pain
  • Vomiting of brownish color
  • Black stool

Whatever may be the disease one should not take it lightly and immediately consult a doctor? The virus responsible for causing dengue fever is generally transmitted by a particular mosquito known as Aedes. This readily infects the body and the very first sign of the disease is fever. However, it cannot be predicted directly that the fever is dengue fever as it can be caused due to many other illness.

However, it is very important to know that dengue does not transmit from one person to another. It is only this mosquito that is responsible for causing the disease.

Till this date no effective vaccine has been introduced to this dengue virus. Researches are going on to find a good one, however, it is complicated. Mainly, dengue is of four serotypes. But when infected by anyone, none of them will provide immunity to the body. The vaccines invented to fight against dengue help to develop the immunity system of the body to fight against other more severe diseases.

So, it is very necessary to make efforts so as to control the population of dengue causing mosquitoes. Ensure that stale water is not present in the surrounding open areas. In tanks or ponds, sometimes mosquito larva is present in the stale water that causes many other illnesses due to lack of cleanliness.

These Aedes mosquitoes are generally active in the afternoon or in the morning. So, in order to prevent yourself from these mosquito bites you can be alert during those times. There are many mosquito repellents available in the market. So you can use them or can wear long-sleeved shirts. However, the best way is to keep the surroundings clean. This would keep you away from many harmful diseases.

Sometimes, dengue fever is not that serious. Always prefer healthy food and drink plenty of water and lots of other fluids. If dengue fever progresses then it might be possible that you are admitted to the hospital immediately. This is the worst period so patients should be monitored continuously. The worst dengue fever symptoms could be seen in the form of bleeding and vomiting.

So, it is always better to visit a doctor in the early stages than facing the problem afterwards. Do not worry and be confident.

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