Cervical Cancer Symptoms

It is very difficult to distinguish the cervical cancer symptoms. This is because the symptoms are very similar to the normal menstrual or ovulation pains. Therefore, many women ignore the cervical cancer symptoms. This article would highlight some of the most common cervical cancer symptoms so that many women get aware of this serious disease and do not neglect in case there is any problem.

However, sometimes it might be possible that no symptoms of this disease are visible. In such cases the doctor only comes to know about the disease when it has grown to a more advanced stage. Given below are some of the very common symptoms of this disease:

  • Abnormal Bleeding: In this case women might experience their menstrual cycles for 18-20 days.
  • Heavy Discharge: This discharge can be watery, foul smelling or contain mucus. This should be followed by a treatment as it may result in many other problems like back pain etc and make your body weak.
  • Pelvic Pain: Generally females confuse this pain with the normal pain that they face during the menstrual cycle. These pains can be mild and turn to severe pains afterwards. So, one must consult the doctor immediately in case any such situation is observed.
  • Pain during Urination: The pain is usually observed in the kidneys or urinary bladder areas. This could be an indication that the cervical cancer has spread to the urinary bladder.
  • Bleeding after Sex: This usually happens due to the irritation of cervix. Some of the ladies might also bleed during pelvic examination, when penetrating the diaphragm inside or when douching.
  • Bleeding between the cycles: This can also be a symptom of cervical cancer. Woman might get menses even in the mid dates of her menstrual cycle.
  • Pain during Intercourse: However, many women ignore this symptom as most of them have pain during intercourse. But if the pain lasts for more than 20 minutes than one must visit a doctor without any delay.
  • Urine Leakage from Urinary Bladder to the Cervical Region: This symptom is mostly observed in the later stages when the cancer has spread to bladder region. This also includes pools leaking out from your mouth or nose when you cough and sneeze.

So, even though the problem is small, one must not ignore in any case and visit a doctor to report the changes. Remember that early detection is the safest and best way to cure any disease. So, it is important for all those women who are having any problem to go for their pelvic examination. Only a doctor can look out for the issue and start the treatment.

Despite of looking out for all the above discussed symptoms it is not necessary that if you are experiencing any of them then it is a cervical cancer symptom. These symptoms can also be due to some infection. So, it is better to consult a good doctor in and case and don’t get confused and worried.

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