Causes Of Thyroid Cancer l Thyroid Cancer Causes

There are various reasons for occurrence of thyroids. This kind of cancer is most prevalent inUK. Nearly 1000 cases of thyroid cancers get detected every year. This risk can occur at any age but mostly ends post 75 years of age for men and 55 for women. The certain risk factors for thyroid cancer include exposure to sun rays and ultraviolet rays since growing years. There is always an inherent gene or bowel condition namely FAP associated with the patient. Also, very low levels of iodine.

The other reason for thyroid cancer is that the cells often undergo certain mutations. This further allows the cells to spread rapidly causing nodules. The cells do not die and keep accumulating, finally leading to formation of a tumor. The most abnormal cells often spread throughout the tissue.

There are various types of thyroid cancer:

  • Firstly, papillary thyroid cancer is the most common which makes up to nearly 80% of most cancer diseases.
  • Secondly follicular thyroid cancer leads to hurthle cell cancer.
  • The third type of cancer is called Medullary Thyroid cancer which is also associated with genetic syndromes and tumors present in pituitary glands.
  • The fourth type of cancer is called anaplastic cancer that us very tough to crack and connect.

The tumors are aggressive in nature and tend to get clustered. Hence most often doctors and surgeons have great difficulty in predicting relief and cure. Lastly there is Thyroid lymphoma which immediately develops in the immune process and tends to rotate and run throughout the body. The actual cause of thyroid cancer has still not be reviewed and found. You are advised to constantly meet your doctor or surgeon if you notice any kind of symptoms. Also research and read clearly a lot on all these problems and understand thyroid problems deeply. You will also need to ensure that you do not get exposed to radiation any further.

The best method will be to go for regular check-ups which will enable you to make wise decisions on health. In case you are asked to opt for surgery, do feel to go ahead with the same. You can always take second opinions however; all these surgeries will tend to put some pressure on your physical health. Hence, take help whenever needed and inform your relatives and family if you undergo any unusual symptoms.