Causes Of Mono (Mononucleosis) l Mono (Mononucleosis) Causes

Mono or mononucleosis is a kind of virus which spreads with EBV (Epstein-Barr virus). This is the main cause in childhood which spreads mono as a complex disease. However we came to know about another virus named as “cytomegalovirus”. It may also cause mono like syndrome in Children.

The virus EBV is a house of infection, which affects immune system of body. This can really create syndrome into human. This can create infection and this infection increases white blood cells into human body. These white blood cells are called as mononuclear leukocytes. This also spreads a disease that is again mononucleosis.

We can discuss many reasons that lead mono as:

  • If a person whose saliva is infected with mono and any kind of disease which is touch and get, then it is serious to be in contact of him/her physically. There is a problem with this disease that if anybody who is having virus in his salvia and kisses any non-patient person. Then the person who was not in contact of mono would be another patient of mono form the next moment.
  • Well this is not possible to remove EBV’s infections, because there are many people who all are having its symptoms and spreading on to others. After when the virus enters into human body then immune system of body acts like against of body. This is really very serious about the healthy person. The virus of EBV remains inactive throughout the life. But it can be reactivated time to time. We can thinks it as that reactivation of this virus doesn’t contain much power which it use dot have before. So we don’t need any clinical treatment.
  • If a person is having drowsiness and getting fever with it again, then it should not maintain the regular system of body, because he is infected by the virus. Loss of appetite and muscle aches or stiffness leads to mono. Swollen and spleen swollen is the big issue there.
  • A patient who is having this virus may contain chest pain with his health. Cough and normal headache is the big issue in this disease. However there are many treatments which can be done there in against to this disease. Immune system of body is there to maintain body and to work against the anti systems of body. This system may handle this virus; it can rescue human body from getting virus from blood cells.
  • It creates alarm by showing high temperature and low fitness of body. This is not possible to get these symptoms at the moment when we got this disease. if the counting of WBC ( white blood cells ) is high form RBC ( red blood cells), then immune system can maintain this counter in accordance to body power which is needed by the person’s health.