What Are The Causes Of Arthritis?

Arthritis is basically a joint disease which affects joints and other bones in our body. It erodes and weakens all the tissues and erodes the bones. The bones and muscles play an important role in each one’s body and arthritis is such a dangerous disease which rightly affects these two parts. Arthritis is chronic in nature because once you get affected to it; it is indeed very difficult to completely eradicate it. Medications can reduce this ailment but it is indeed very difficult to completely get rid of the disease. You could either take medication from doctor or home remedies like oil massage and other herbal supplements can also help you reduce your joint pain.

Now we see how dangerous this disease is as it puts a full stop to a person’s daily activities. But, how is this disease caused? When does a person suffer from arthritis? There are many causes of arthritis of which some are

  • Age can be one of the main factors for arthritis. It affects old people immediately because they are already weak and do not consume nutritious food. But, these days it is seen that people of all ages are getting affected by this disease.
  • Obesity can also been one of the factors for arthritis. An obese person usually has that extra muscle in all joints which cause the cartilages and bones to rub against each other. Due to the pressure the bones weaken and cause pain resulting into severe arthritis.
  • People who were athletes during their school and college times could probably develop arthritis in their old age. Because their cartilages were constantly under force when they used to perform sports. This indirectly results in arthritis.
  • Sometimes occupations could also direct to arthritis. Works which people need to perform in just one constant position can lead to arthritis because the joints are constantly under pressure
  • People who are habituated to activities like smoking and drinking on a regular basis also suffer from arthritis.
  • Less Intake of calcium could also be one of the causes of arthritis
  • Infections due to external bacteria could also lead to arthritis
  • Another cause of arthritis could be due to heredity. This disease could also be caused due to family genes.
  • Abnormalities in the immune system could also be a cause for arthritis.

The above mentioned were some of the causes of arthritis. So if you want to protect your body and joints from arthritis make sure you take a good treatment which will keep you active and away from arthritis.