Anaplastic thyroid cancer is often considered as the deadliest form of thyroid cancer. This kind of cancer easily affects the thyroid glands. The thyroid glands are located in the neck just below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid glands have an important role to run and improve the metabolism in the body. This kind of thyroid cancer often constitutes a smaller portion or part of the entire thyroid range.

Nearly 1 to 5% of people suffer from anaplastic cancer every year. Most of the victims include women while men rarely get affected with anaplastic thyroid cancer. However very few cancers in the past few years are subject to anaplastic thyroid cancer.

The early diagnosis of this kind of cancer occurs with the observation of a lump in the throat. This lump in the gland will rapidly aggregate causing some kind of breathing difficulty. This kind of cancer also occurs in people aged 60 to 65 yrs of age. The most common symptoms of this cancer include coughing, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness in voice, thickened neck and blood vomiting.

Anaplastic thyroid cancer can always be treated with surgery or with radiation. This kind of tumor gets more attached to the neck and makes operations unable. The other important element to be noticed is that the prognosis of this kind of cancer is very less and patients do not live beyond a couple of years post surgery. Most patients have lived for a period of 3 yrs or less. Some do not last for even six months. While the rest 80% live only for at most a year. This cancer will convert itself into lymph nodes in the bones and lungs.

At least 25% of patients suffering from this kind of cancer will face breathing problems in the initial stages, and as years pass by this cancer will soon reach the other organs making it difficult for the patient to survive and mange other work.

Hence, read a lot about all kinds of cancer that will eventually help to understand the possibility of any kind of treatment. You could also pass on the information to friends or relatives who face thyroid problems to be constantly in touch with their doctors. It is definitely important to go for weekly or monthly check-ups in case there has been a family history of anaplastic cancer.

Thyroid glands have a very important role to play in a human body. Their job is to secrete hormones for smooth functioning, for reproduction, development stages and increasing metabolism. Sometimes they develop nodules which are like fibers curled together in an infinite number. They clog the gland and make it difficult for the glands to combine with the pituitary gland and secrete hormones T3 and T4.

Medullary Thyroid cancer (MTC) is also getting famous when it comes to thyroid cancers. They also constitute nearly 3 to 4 % of typically all cancers. The tumors are normally present in the neck or thyroid and can be cured with the help of lymphadenopathy. This kind of cancer is hereditary in nature and can easily pass through the family.

The process of diagnosing or treating MTC can be easily done through needle aspiration biopsy. However, cytology also refers to hypercellular tumors being present due to poor adhesion. The maximum percentage of survival rate involves a good 65% for nearly 10 years. The weak prognostic factors consist of prior neck surgery, endocrine neoplasia, advanced stage cancer.

Most cases observed under MTC includes familial. The family members will have to be screened so as to identify the risk of developing MTC. All the family members will be tested for the same. The treatment options involved in case of medullary thyroid cancer involve thyroidectomy. Nearly 75% of nodes can be positively removed. Sometimes external radiation will also help to remove the locally recurring tumors that show no evidence of survival. In fact even radioactive iodine will have no place in case of treating patients suffering from MTC.

Lastly, palliative chemotheraphy is also considred to display superb results in patients with metastatic diseases. Some patients with metastases will definitely undergo survival for a longer duration. You must talk to your doctor in case reading online does not yield any help in understanding the kind of treatment. The doctor will be in a better position to understand the various problems effectively. They will surely guide you and recommend the best procedure basis your thyroid functioning.

Follicular thyroid cancer is the second most recognized and prevailing kind of disease amongst most thyroid patients. They are very aggressive in nature unlike papillary thyroid cancer. This kind of cancer occurs in older woman and less common in children.

In case of papillary cancer, the person might have undergone radiation exposure for a very long time. The follicle cells have a role to assist the thyroid gland in smooth functioning of hormone secretion and in increasing the metabolic rate of a human body. If they work properly they manage the metabolic activities in a very efficient manner.

However, if the patient has a follicular thyroid cancer, the cells become aggressive and do not spread rapidly. Age is the most critical factor in case of follicular thyroid cancer. Sometimes patients over 40 yrs of age might undergo serious of changes post follicular cancer. The main characteristic of follicular cancer is vascular invasion. The instant spread of cells reaches bones, brain, liver, bladder and skin.

The main problems or features associated with follicular cancer are that they are also associated with excessive exposure to radiation. The age group of 40 to 60 is considered risky for follicular cancer. Women are again more prone to thyroid cancer than men. They can easily spread across various other organs causing a permanent damage to the efficient functioning of the body.

The cure rate is as high as 95% but certainly decreases with an increase in age. Sometimes removing the lobes is the only option if tumors are small in nature. This kind of thyroid replacement will help the entire body to remain safe. The younger the patient the lesser chances of detecting follicular thyroid cancer. Sometimes radioactive iodine therapy will also help to treat these nodules easily. This follicular thyroid cancer certainly does not spread fast and hence it becomes easy to detect at an early stage.

You must always keep yourself well informed about the four kinds of thyroid surgery in case you know friends suffering from the same.

Thyroid glands have an important role to play in a human body. They look like a butterfly but posses properties that is more important than a brain. They are located below the Adam’s apple in the neck. The main job of a thyroid gland is to secrete hormones into the body.

However, when there is an imbalance in the secretion of hormone it results in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Sometimes when things get worse it also leads to thyroid cancer. Thyroid glands help in the metabolic activities of human beings.

The thyroid cancer is actually more common in women than men. Basically there are four kinds of thyroid cancer. Firstly you have the papillary cancer followed by medullary, follicular and finally anaplastic thyroids. Nearly 80% of thyroid patients suffer from papillary thyroid cancer. In case of papillary thyroid cancer the nodules gets obstructed or stuck in the neck and slowly moves to the other parts of the body. They grow at a slow rate but move quickly once formed in bunches. The rate at which thyroid gets treated is also highly common and in larger numbers in young adults and kids.

The main cause for a thyroid cancer is still unknown however certain risks are often identifiable. Some of the major reasons include family history of goiter, hereditary symptoms, exposure to radioactive elements and sun. The person who receives maximum radiation is often subject to thyroid at a very early stage during the childhood days. This might take another couple of years to fully transform into cancer.

The common symptoms of cancer include stiff neck, breathing problems, lump in the neck, vocal changes, swollen neck etc. Only a CEA test, PET scan, ultrasound test and X-rays will justify the real reason for such a problem. Sometimes doctors would definitely recommend a surgery or chemotherapy sessions to reduce the impact of cancer cells and to destroy them. Radioactive iodine treatments are also efficient for treating thyroid cancers.

You can always educate yourself about the various kinds of thyroid cancer and help patients or friends during their recovery stage either emotionally or mentally.