Many healthcare researchers illustrate piles as bloated and increased veins. The piles are similar as the varicose veins which move throughout the legs and generally located outside or inside the anus. The piles blood vessels secure and cushion the anal entry. Expansion and strain of these veins result in severe pain and complications.

Majority of doctors describe that the symptoms of piles are simply the health related problems that can also occur due to many other illness. This disease is generally observed after the age of 30. Studies and researches have revealed that about half million individuals suffer from hemroids in United States every year and look for piles treatment.

Piles can be treated either by medical or herbal treatment. However, it depends on the condition of piles. Sometimes, in severe cases, surgery or minor operations are done to treat piles. The medical and herbal remedies cure this disease after a short span of time. Surgery is required in very rare cases.

Why piles are caused? The answer to this question is, according to many health care specialists piles generally occur due to the continuous sitting in the toilets and due to constipation because of which people do constant forcing. Sometimes, pregnant women also face this situation due to the pressure that results from weight of the baby.

Some of the piles symptoms include pains in the lower region of the body, uneasiness, bleeding and fever. However, the symptoms are same for both the kinds of piles that are internal and external piles. The piles located inside anus canal are internal ones. These piles are less painful but bleed. The blood is dark as it comes from inside the veins.

The external piles are comparatively more painful. They are present outside your anal canal. The piles can be gently pushed back inside. You can even call a doctor to treat the problem.

An unpleasant and extremely painful experience may be due to swollen, infected or itchy external piles. Some of the other symptoms of external piles are the blood traces present on the toilet pan or on the bathroom tissue.

Very effective methods are available today for piles treatment. You might know about a sitz bath. It can provide great relief in the pain due to a swollen hemorrhoid. Generally it is recommended to fill the tub with water and sit and relax on it for 20-25 minutes twice or thrice a day.

Another home remedy is using the witch hazel. These are soaked pads that can be used in place of toilet paper. These are available at all medical stores. Healing natural oils and H- Hemorrhoids or herbal hemorrhoid products can also be used to treat irritation and pain.

Extended standing or sitting could worsen piles symptoms. Secondly, excessive pressuring can also create more pains and problems. So, it is better to have a balanced diet with abundant fibers in your meals. This is the best solution to overcome piles.

Lastly, if none of the methods solve your problem then it is good to visit a doctor.