Tuberculosis can be caused to anyone and that too anywhere. The researches have estimated that about 1/3 of the total world’s population has been experiencing this disease. It is the mycobacterium tuberculosis that is most commonly observed amongst the people. Presently, it has been believed to be the third largest life threatening disease after respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Till this date tuberculosis has been considered as the global health problem. So, it is very necessary that one should know the symptoms of this disease so that he/she can take action against it as soon as possible.

Before looking at the tuberculosis symptoms, let us first understand the tuberculosis infection. This infection is transmitted through the mycobacterium tuberculosis germ. This germ causes infection in the body when transmitted through air. Remember, that tuberculosis is an air-borne disease. Any person suffering from tuberculosis can transmit the disease through air.

The most common tuberculosis symptom is cough. So, if any TB or tuberculosis infected patient sneezes, talk, cough or spit, they spread the harmful mycobacterium germ in the air. So, any person can suffer from tuberculosis if he/she inhales only few of the infected tuberculosis bacteria germs. Children mostly get the disease from their adult TB patients.

If any family has a TB patient then the other members have the maximum chance to experience the disease in near future. Those patients with tuberculosis who are diagnosed with positive status acid-fast bacilli can harm 10-15 people every year with this deadly disease.

The tuberculosis bacteria, once they enter in the body can be easily transmitted in the lings through the lymph nodes and blood vessels. Hence, through blood vessels the germs of tuberculosis can enter to various other parts of the body such as brain, kidney, lungs, bone, lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract and many others. However, it is the lungs that are affected the most by this disease.

As discussed earlier the patients infected with tuberculosis generally have coughed. These patients show coughing up phlegm for about 2-3 weeks continuously or more. Additional tuberculosis symptoms include:

  • Phlegm mixed with the blood
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing up blood
  • Body weakness and fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased appetite
  • Malaise
  • Night sweats without performing and physical activity
  • Fever lasting for more than a month

However, keep in mind that it is not necessary that the above symptoms can only be if you have tuberculosis. The symptoms might be seen in any other lung diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis and many others.

In order to detect tuberculosis in children a tuberculin test is the best examination to detect whether any child is infected due to mycobacterium tuberculosis. However, Monteux test is preferred most of the time. This is an injection which is usually on the upper half of the left forearm. After 48 hours the diameter of swelling region is measured to determine tuberculosis.

An infected person has to take the drugs for 9 months or more to treat tuberculosis. In addition, proper nutrition, regular exercise would also help in quick recovery.

TB or tuberculosis is progressing at a rapid rate now-a-days. This disease has no age limitation and can affect any person. Today it has been found that about 1/4th of the total world’s population have been suffering from this deadly disease. Just like many other diseases it is very necessary to know the disease at its early stage. Even today TB is considered as global health problem and disease after cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Before looking at the symptoms of TB, let us know the cause behind this deadly disease. TB or tuberculosis is caused by mycobacterium germ that is air borne. That means the germ enters in the body through air. Generally, people suffering from TB sneeze, cough or spit, in turn they transmit the mycobacterium germs in the air.

Any person can cause tuberculosis once he/she inhales small number of the TB bacteria. This disease can even infect children and they are mostly infected due to the adults in the family who are fighting against the disease. The TB patients with positive acid-fast bacilli status can spread TB to at least 15-20 people every year.

The TB bacteria after entering in the body accumulate in lungs and multiply to spread to various parts of the body through lymph nodes or blood vessels. So, if not diagnosed at an early stage, TB bacteria can spread to various other body parts such as kidney, brain, lungs, bones, gastrointestinal tract, lymph nodes and many others. However, the organ that is most often affected by the mycobacterium tuberculosis is the lungs.

Also, the symptoms of TB are not seen readily. This is because initially the TB germs are dormant in the body for many years. After some time they form a cell wall just as a very thick layer of wax. Slowly they affect the immune system of the body and then attack showing the symptoms.

The most common TB symptom which helps in the detection of tuberculosis is extreme and continuous coughing for more than 3 weeks. This coughing has phlegm in it and it might be mingled with blood. Some of the other most occurring symptoms of TB include difficulty in breathing, decreased appetite, body weakness, weight loss, night sweats without any physical activity, malaise and fever for more than a month in the later stages.

However, it is not necessary that the above mentioned symptoms can only indicate TB, it can also be due too any other illness such as asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer etc.

What is Tuberculosis Test?

The best way to examine TB in children is by performing tuberculin test. This test shows whether any child is infected with tuberculosis or not. But today doctors mostly recommend Monteux test. In this an injection is given usually on the left forearm. The child’s skin is monitored after 48 ~ 72 hours to measure the swelling area that occurs.

However, there is no need to worry as treatments of tuberculosis are available. Patients with tuberculosis are advised to take drugs for 9 months or more regularly.

Bronchitis is normally a common respiratory illness or disease that can occur in any individual regardless of age and sex. However, the individuals who are most vulnerable to this disease bronchitis are individuals who have weak immune system, individuals who have had respiratory illness before and people who smoke a lot. It is very important to identify bronchitis symptoms early for the proper treatment.

People who tend to smoke a lot are most vulnerable to chronic bronchitis. This is a form of disease that requires consistent and ongoing treatment. The primary factors that contribute to this disease are: prolonged exposure to some irritants such as pollutants, chemicals, pollen, dust, etc., immunologic deficiencies, smoking etc.

Some of the other factors that lead to bronchitis are: infection with bacteria or viruses and genetic predisposition to some developing respiratory conditions.

Bronchitis can either be chronic or acute. The acute bronchitis symptoms might be very intense; however, they tend to ameliorate in some days. If the acute bronchitis is caused by some virus infection, the illness will be treated automatically in few days time without any medical treatment. However, if acute bronchitis symptoms intensify it is advisable to visit a doctor.

Some of the common bronchitis symptoms are as follows:

Changes in the voice: Normally while suffering from bronchitis the voice tends to become harsher. This is a good enough indication that something is not right with the lungs.

Deep cough: While suffering from bronchitis you may feel like your cough goes down to your feet.

Chest heaviness: Normally people suffering from bronchitis tend to communicate that they feel like an elephant is sitting on their chest.

Fever: While suffering from bronchitis you may also tend to have a raging fever along with an infection; however, this is rarely seen especially at the initial stages of bronchitis.

Lots of Phlegm: While going through bronchitis you many have cough that are productive i.e. your cough may not be the usual white in color it be somewhat yellow or green. This is primary a sign that you are suffering from an infection. Blood may also be there in your cough.

Winded Feeling: You may have winded feeling too while suffering from bronchitis. Winded feeling is the inability of the person to get sufficient oxygen primarily due to swelling. This makes it hard for any person to do any physical work. Every time the person does some physical work he will fell quite a lot of fatigue and may even have to catch his breath.

However, you should not be afraid of bronchitis. There are many things which one can do to cure this disease. First and foremost, when you start seeing any of the above mentioned bronchitis symptoms you should immediately visit your family physician or doctor.

Such type of diseases may require antibiotics so as to prevent other diseases such as pneumonia. In such condition, a humidifier may be very useful. Some of these humidifier do come along with a place to put vaporub too.