Hernia is a disease that is normally localized in various nearby areas of abdomen. It is mostly observed in the groin area. It seems like tearing or swelling due to the weakening of the abdominal wall. The pain is mild initially and gets severe after sometime if left ignored. This pain mostly occurs when lifting heavy items.

The initial hernia symptoms include bulging, pain, tearing sensation and full sensation in certain cases. Majority of pains or aches related to this disease get severe while coughing, sneezing or lifting. However, one must know that extreme coughing is not only due to hernia. It can even be due to any other reason.

The most obvious and detectable sign of hernia can be done in a clinical examination. In this a formed bulge can be seen in the groin region. There can be seen a notable projection that is associated with a significant inflammation. So, if such a tumor is diagnosed in the groin area, a doctor must properly inspect the patient for hernia disease.

In addition, as the disease progresses swelling or a lump in an area can also be observed due to enlarged lymph nodes or abnormal growth of the tumor. Also, hernia is caused due to intensive coughing, heavy weight lifting or some other physical exercises that are stressed on the abdominal wall. The projected lump or tumor is seen in rare cases due to genetic or congenital weak abdominal wall.

However, many of the patients are afraid of visiting a surgeon in this disease. This is due to the kind of surgery being done to treat this disease. Remember that the surgery is very simple and one can easily walk home after a few hours. So, do not run away from this disease as it can be treated by non-surgical methods if diagnosed in the initial stages.

Suppose damages are determined to the abdominal wall or abdominal lining or any intestinal strain is being observed in the hernial bag then a surgery is required immediately. So, patient must not neglect the hernia symptoms in the early stage and go to the doctor immediately so as to begin the treatment for the disease.

So, keep in mind that hernia is a treatable disease and not at all severe. When any patient with pain, protrusion and discomfort in the abdominal or groin area is admitted in the hospital, a clinical examination would be done by the surgeon to diagnose the disease properly. Sometimes, further testing may also be conducted to recommend the precise treatment for the disease. Early hernia symptoms could be easily relieved by many other practical methods.

A Surgeon can normally detect an inguinal hernia instantly as soon as they touch and feel the formed bulging. To see the symptom, doctor might ask the patient to cough and at that moment hernia will stick out even more due to pressure. Hernia can be easily felt and touched by the doctor. So, never be afraid of or hesitate in visiting a doctor.