Psoriasis is not exactly a disease but we can call it as a disorder. Psoriasis is a condition where the skin changes its colour. It appears in different colored patches all over the body and is mostly seen in adults. But, then it can also affect children and teenagers. People who suffer from psoriasis often feel ashamed to step out because of their weird skin colour.

Psoriasis is basically caused due to the over reaction in the immune system. These reactions causes change in the skin colour and also cause skin flaking. People who are suffering from this disease grow new skin cells at a faster rate but then these cells do not shed like healthy cells which results out in excessive skin growth which is known as psoriasis plaques.

Psoriasis is indeed a very dangerous disease and cannot be ignored so easily. It requires proper treatment and diagnosis or else it will lead the patient to some serious problems. As the disease is not contagious so one need not worry about interacting with a person affected with psoriasis. But, it’s seen that this disease is hereditary and runs in some families. Researchers still cannot find the perfect reason behind this disease being hereditary.

Some of the main cause of psoriasis could be stress or mental illness. Smokers who smoke cigarette on a regular basis also tend to face this disease. Cold and dry weather could also be the other factors leading to this disease.

The symptoms of psoriasis can be mild as well as sever and it totally depends upon the person’s body as this disease can be cured immediately also while it might take a lot of time also in case of severe psoriasis. Some symptoms of this disease are very easy to recognize like tender skin, rashes over skin, itchy skin etc.

Another kind of psoriasis could be arthritis psoriasis patients suffering from this disease usually complain about having swollen and painful joints. At most sever psoriasis cases people lose their fingers too.

Hence to avoid this disease one must take the necessary precautions and follow a proper healthy routine. Lastly make sure you are tension free as that can be the very first cause for a dangerous psoriasis.  Though treatment can always cure this disease it is always better to take all the necessary precautions so that you remain safe and away from this disease.

Lupus is an immune disease which attacks many people. Lupus is a disease which kills all healthy tissues and cells in the body apart from the normal bacteria the body kills. Many people are not very sure about the cause of lupus but one can find lupus in women between the age group of 15 to 44 and apart from women lupus can occur in teenage, children and men too. People who are fair tend to suffer from lupus and it is indeed very easy to spot the signs of lupus.

The most common symptoms of lupus are:-

  • Stiffness and pain in joints
  • Rashes on skin and face. Sores in mouth
  • Lots of hair loss
  • Inflammation of the kidneys
  • Lupus can cause heart attacks too
  • It causes chest pains
  • Lupus can be a very dangerous disease as it also creates breathing and other respiratory problems
  • People also suffer from anxiety and depression during lupus

The above mentioned cause very clearly states that lupus can be very difficult and person suffering from lupus is very much close to death. There are mainly 4 types of lupus and the cause of each type is very much similar to each other.

The four types of lupus namely are:

  • Systematic lupus erythematosus- it is a kind of lupus found in all parts of the body
  • Discoid lupus erythematosus- this lupus generally occurs in skin and mouth. People experience rashes and their skin becomes itchy.
  • Drug induced lupus erythematosus- this type of lupus does not damage your internal systems and can be cured if proper medication is taken for a specific period.
  • Neonatal lupus- this type of lupus affects infants with skin rashes, liver problems, low blood cell counts etc. this kind of lupus is very uncommon and is seen in very rare cases. It’s seen that pregnant ladies who suffer from this type of lupus deliver healthy babies. So one need not worry about it too much.

As stated above lupus can be both dangerous and safe but for being safe one must take proper treatment. As that is very essential. Having lupus is very bad and difficult but if you take the right treatment and care no disease can take over your body. All you need to do is approach a good doctor and take proper care of yourself. Hence keep your body safe and take good precautions to protect it from lupus.

Sjogren’s syndrome is a disorder of an autoimmune nature. The disease of autoimmune is basically those which come from the abnormal production of anti bodies in the blood. These antibodies are directed towards the various tissues present in the body. The Sjogren’s syndrome occurs independently most of the time and sometimes occurs in the presence of other connective tissue. The signs and symptoms of this syndrome includes enlargement of parotid glands, dry eyes, gland inflammation etc. It is not at all related to the connective tissue disease and hence is called as primary Sjogren’s syndrome.

Sjogren’s secondary syndrome involves gland inflammation and connective tissue disease like rheumatoid arthritis, systematic lupus and scleroderma. This syndrome can affect people of any age but then the symptoms of it are only noticed at the age of 40 or 45. The causes of Sjogren’s syndrome are that attacks the glands which are responsible for making saliva and tears. It also causes dryness of organs and affects kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. People who suffer from this syndrome generally experience joint pains which worsen as the day passes.

The other areas which this disorder or disease affects is the eyes and mouth. In short this disease can affect a person’s whole body and can make him weak and pale.

This disease can occur both in male and female the disease is also commonly found in families who have members with the autoimmune illness. It is seen that the patients affected with Sjogren’s syndrome have symptoms very similar to diminished lacrimal and salivary gland functions.

Treatment for this disease is generally very simple and is treated by anti-fungal and antibiotic preparations. As people suffer from dryness moisture replacement therapies will be fruitful for the patients. Products like vitamin E oil, toothpaste, gum and mouthwash would be perfect to avoid dryness in mouth. Hence it is always suggested by doctors to take all the necessary precautions so that people do not face major complications in the later stage of the Sjogren’s syndrome disease.

Now that people know about this disease it is their duty to take care of themselves to avoid any complications. After knowing the cause and symptoms of this syndrome one can surely not try neglecting it as it can have adverse effects. Hence to live a healthy life one must follow proper diet plan and maintain good hygiene so that they will remain safe from this Sjogren’s syndrome.

Low back pain is a disorder which every one faces. It is in fact very common and can occur any time. It is the most common disorder faced by two of the three people around the globe. However low back pain can affect people of all ages but it’s generally seen in women and other old age people. The main cause of low back pain could be due to exertion or working in an awkward position for a long time. The other factors leading to low back pain could be due to slip discs, weight gain, serious injuries at the back etc.

People suffering from low back pain must immediately to avoid future complications. Proper medications should be taken properly. Apart from medications there are other home remedies which are followed to gain relief from low back pain. One can decrease low back pain with the use both cold and hot methods as they can quickly heal low back pain. For the cold method one can use ice packs while for the hot method one can use hot water bags. Both these methods prove to be good for healing low back pain.

The heat method basically dilutes the blood vessels which act as a major cause for back pain. Thus it proves to be a very good healing method. If you don’t feel better after performing these methods you can very well take medications and treatment from your family doctor. Make sure when you are taking treatment you are taking it from a good reputed doctor as he only will help you and guide with the right treatment process. Pain killers can also help you to some extent but they cannot give you permanent relief. But, if you want temporary relief or in the case of emergency pain killers can always be a good option.

People who suffer from back pains can very clearly tell what kind of pain they have to undergo as it’s very much terrible. Exercises can also help you overcome low back pain. To some extent longer work outs can also help you. Hence these are some ways to treat low back pain and if you don’t want to suffer from one take the necessary precautions so that you live a healthy back pain less life.

Of all the pains knee pain is the worst experienced by people all over. People suffering from knee pain quote it as a torture as they are devoid of doing all their regular activities. Knee pain is something very common experienced by everyone. Knee pain occur when you exert yourself too much like while you are playing, walking very fast, jogging etc. Most of the people suffer from knee pain from the age group of 40. But, this does not mean that people below the age of 40 are safe from knee pain they too can get it any time.

The main cause of knee pain could be over exertion and also because of constant of friction in bones due to dryness i.e. lack of water. Climatic changes too can be a cause for knee pain in many people. Usually it is seen that during the cold climate people experience this knee pain. Sports people too face knee pain as they constantly play their sport for hours together. Those suffering from knee pain must take immediate treatment from a good doctor as it is always better to take treatment for any disorder before it gets worst.

Treatment for knee pain is easily available. Apart from medications there are mainly home remedies too. One can do oil massage with natural oil or can fix a bandage to reduce knee pain.

Massage can always be a good option for knee pain as it can give you quick relief. One can follow a good exercise routine if he wants to overcome knee pain. A popular remedy in today’s generation could be fish pedicure. Many people have good experience of this pedicure as it really gives good relief from knee pain. Yoga could also be a good option for overcoming knee pain. Some asana in yoga specifically give you relief from knee pain if performed that on a regular basis knee pain is sure to vanish in a few days.

The effects of knee pain are very much serious. Many a times the pain is very unbearable so in such cases immediate treatment is necessary. People suffering from knee pain cannot travel easily and cannot sit down and do work. They cannot easily climb stairs as that puts a lot of pressure on knees. In short routine work takes a pause.

Knee pain can be healed very easily if routine exercise is followed. The only thing which is required is pure dedication to follow a good exercise and yoga routine. If proper care is not taken it can lead to arthritis and other severe knee problems.

It is rightly said that prevention its better than cure so it’s indeed good to take good care of yourself. Those who do not wish to suffer from knee disorder they must eat healthy food mainly they should have a balanced. A balanced which consists of all the necessary proteins calcium so that bones are strong and don’t become weak. Hence take proper care to avoid knee pain risks.

Joint pain is something which everybody experiences. It is not a disease or disorder but it occurs when you get a muscle catch in a particular part of your body. That area is specifically the various joint points in our human body. Joint pains can be truly irritating because it makes you feel uneasy. People who suffer from joint pains are forbidden from doing normal activities like walking, running etc. joint pains are experienced by people of all age groups. One cannot just ignore joint pains as they can be a sign for a dangerous disease. Joint pain can be either mild or severe and the duration of the pain depends accordingly.

There are various factors which can cause joint pains. It can occur due to excessive strain, or climatic changes. Sometimes joint pains could also be minor sprains due to over exertion. The joint pain can sometimes be very severe if proper care and treatment is not taken primarily. Joint pain consists of ligament sprains, muscle pain. Sometimes joint pain could lead to bone cancer and leukemia. Other effects of joint pains could lead to severe arthritis and rheumatic fever.

All individuals suffer from joint pain and part from them sport players, athletes, and swimmers too experience joint pains because of their frequent sport activities. Joint injuries occur commonly during sports and people suffering from joint injuries must take immediate treatment to avoid future risks. These joint points which are severe always come with a warning of a dangerous injury. People must never neglect mild joint pains as it may lead to some sever injury in the future.

Those people who want to avoid such frequent joint pains must try some regular exercise and yoga so that their body becomes habituated to the regular exertion. One can easily over come joint pains if they are suffering from one by visiting a god doctor who can recommend you the best treatment for your joint pains.

Apart from doctors one can find tips to prevent joint pains on the many health sites online. Thus do not neglect minimal joint pain as you may never know when it can lead to a dangerous disease like arthritis or any other muscle wear and tear. So it’s always better to habituate your body to regular sport activities.