Throat cancer normally develops on a mucosal surface of mouth, pharynx or larynx. However, the most common throat cancer symptom is a nodule or lump on the neck of any individual or person. The thyroid or throat cancer symptoms normally vary based on the throat cancers type.

Throat or thyroid cancer is normally very rare. Following is a list of the most commonly found throat caner symptoms:

The throat cancer normally starts with nose and then later on spreads on to the entire body parts. This normally begins with a nodule or a lump on the base of your neck and then spreads to lymph node present in the neck. If the lump on the neck keeps up for a considerable period then you should consult a doctor or a specialist.

However, you should understand that all lumps around the neck cannot be treated as cancer. But, the lump around the nose area can be treated as the very first stage of throat cancer. The lump is normally considered as a main symptom related to thyroid gland cancer. Though these lumps are usually painless initially, they tend to increase in size overtime and ultimately result in throat or thyroid cancer.

The next major throat cancer symptom is a slight change in voice of the infected person. The infected person will normally feel a slight hoarseness in voice. If this hoarseness or slight change in voice persists for over a week, you should immediately consult a proper physician or a specialist.

For the change in voice you should go visit an otolaryngologist. Most of the people might not know who otolaryngologist is; he is a person who is specialist for neck and head.

The otolaryngologist is the person who can actually examine the possibility of a cancer of vocal cord or any other cancer.

The examination of throat cancer is normally without any pain. However, do keep in mind that all voice change do not lead to cancer though persisted change in voice can.

The next throat cancer symptom that we will discuss is normally an outcome of a lump or tumor in the lungs, throat or your nose. These tumors ultimately result in bleeding in the affected region. If you have a constant bleeding near the region than you should immediately concerned the physician and try and examine the probable cause of bleeding.

Another symptom related to throat cancer is swallowing problems that may arise due to esophagus or throat cancer. The cancer in throat makes it difficult for you to swallow any type of solid food. In addition, in some cases you might even find it difficult to swallow the liquid food.

If the trouble related to swallowing of food continues for some considerable period of time you should conduct a physician immediately. In the cases related to swallowing of food the physician normally advises for esophagoscopy or barium-swallow x-ray.

Throat cancer is a very dreaded disease, so you should be careful and identify it as early as possible.

It is quite difficult to know about stomach cancer at an early stage because just like other cancers, this also does not depict any signs and symptoms. Though there are indications such as feeling of vomiting, acidity, indigestion, loss of appetite and weight loss. But these stomach cancer symptoms can also be due to some other illnesses or an ulcer.

Below discussed are some of the major stomach cancer symptoms that are usually found in the later stages:

  • Blood in the stool: This symptom is the major warning of stomach-cancer. Although, the infected person may not identify the blood in stool. In such cases, the problem can be diagnosed by a fecal occult blood test. This test would confirm about the stomach cancer.
  • Abdominal pain: There is pain and discomfort in the abdominal region. This is also usually a universal signs which the patiently describe in front of the doctor. This pain can be mild or severe and usually occurs in the upper part of the abdominal region.
  • Persistent Vomiting/ Nausea: A stomach cancer patient will constantly vomit and feel nausea. If there is blood in the vomit then the doctor must be consulted immediately.
  • Loss of Appetite: This is a very serious issue where you do not get hungry or feel like eating. If this problem lasts for more days or more than a week then it can be serious. So, a doctor must be visited immediately.
  • Weight Loss: Although many people are happy if they loose weight without making any effort, but if the weight is reduced more than 5% of the normal weight in just six months without making any attempts for weight loss it could be a stomach cancer symptom.
  • Abdominal Bloating: This symptom is also a serious problem and a warning indication of stomach cancer. If any person feels this symptom just after a meal he/she is advised for a quick medical attention.


Although, the exact cause behind stomach cancer is unknown but this disease is mostly caused due to the bacterium named Helicopter pylori. Smoking and alcohol are also responsible for causing this cancer. Sometimes, environmental factors also result in stomach cancer. This disease can also be hereditary or due to the family history. People with blood of type A have higher chances of suffering from stomach cancer.

Some of the dietary factors especially certain food preservation methods like smoking, salting or pickling also increase the chances of stomach cancer.


The stomach cancer can be diagnosed through medical examination which may include gastroscopy or endoscopy in which a thin and small flexible tube is put inside the throat so that the doctor can view the stomach, bowel and esophagus. PET scan, CT scan and an endoscopic ultrasound is also conducted to see if the cancer has spread to other areas.


Cancer may be treated through radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery. Surgery is preferred for stomach cancer. So, do not worry and consult a doctor immediately in case you feel any of the above symptoms.

There are very few people who know about prostate cancer. This disease is increasing day-by-day amongst men. Today, prostate cancer is considered as one of the common cause of deaths in men. The worst part of this disease is it cannot be diagnosed at an early stage and by the time the cancer is diagnosed it has spread throughout the body. So, it is very important to know the symptoms of prostate cancer so as to prevent it in early stage.

Prostate cancer affects the overall wellness of any person. It decreases the energy level, affects the social life and also the sexual life of an individual. If any person is well aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer, he would definitely visit a doctor to treat this frightening ailment. Just like other cancers, prostate cancer is also a life threatening disease.

So, prostate cancer also has many symptoms just as several other diseases. Generally males with age above 50 years are prone to this disease. Below discussed are five vital prostate cancer symptoms so that people detect this deadly disease at an early stage.

  • Difficulties during urination: This is the most common prostate cancer symptom. There is difficulty in urination because the prostate and the bladder are very close to each other. As a result the tumor that occurs on the prostate pushes the bladder, thus, causing difficulty in urination.
  • Presence of blood in urine: This prostate cancer symptom should not be ignored. If any person sees blood in urine then he must immediately consult a doctor. Although, it is not necessary that this symptom is of cancer, it can also be due to other urinary infections. However, in any case early check-up is always sensible.
  • Difficulties during erection: Prostate cancer can also affect sexual and personal life of a person because of the difficulties during erection. There is inability to maintain and get an erection. Even sometimes men experience very painful ejaculation. This prostate is a vital part of male reproductive system. So, if it has problem then it would also influence other sex organs of the body.
  • Legs begin to swell: People might think that why there is swelling of legs in cancer patients. The reason behind is as the disease progresses it spreads to lymph nodes. Due to this there results leg swelling. Many times, the buttocks and hips also experience severe pain because of this legs swelling.
  • Pelvic discomfort: This is also considered as a prostate cancer symptom. There is severe discomfort and pain on the pelvis. This is due to the affected lymph nodes. These lymph nodes press the pelvis, thereby causing pain.

Hence, in order to avert prostate cancer it is very important to keep in mind the above discussed symptoms. It is best to go and consult a doctor immediately in case you experience any of these symptoms. Only a doctor would properly diagnose about the disease and start the treatment before it gets even worse.

Many people who are addict to drinking and smoking should be aware of symptoms of mouth cancer because there are fair chances that they might suffer from this disease. So, the regular drinkers and smokers have high risk of acquiring this deadly disease. This article would let people know about some of the mouth cancer symptoms.

Every person knows that cancer is one of the major causes of deaths in today’s world. So, it is very important to have a proper diet and do exercise to prevent such diseases. Also, people who do smoking should be made aware of this deadly disease and stopped form this nasty habit.

Below listed are the 7 common mouth cancer symptoms:

  • Bleeding of gums: Excessive bleeding occurs from the gums but it is difficult to determine the cause behind it.
  • Lumps on the lips and gums: This can also be a sign of mouth cancer. Remember lump in any part of the body is not considered as a normal sign.
  • Sore throat: It is very difficult to determine whether this is a symptom of mouth cancer because sore throat can also be due to many other problems.
  • Weight loss: Instant weight loss must be discussed with the doctor for the treatment.
  • Pain in mouth area: This is a very common sign of mouth cancer.
  • Change in voice: There can be hoarseness in the voice due to mouth cancer.
  • Sores in the mouth area: This can be seen in the face or mouth area and can be considered as a mouth cancer symptom if it does not heal for more than 3 weeks.
  • Bad breath and tongue problem: This results in numbness and soreness in the mouth.
  • Skin lesions: This symptom can be seen after sometime the disease progresses.
  • Mouth ulcers: This is also a very common symptom of oral cancer.

Sometimes the symptoms of this disease are painless and a doctor can only diagnose the problem when the tumor spreads inside the mouth. In the advanced stage, a person feels discomfort, difficulty in speaking and swallowing.

So, these are some of the mouth cancer symptoms which should be known so as to take precautions and avoid smoking and drinking and prevent this life threatening disease.

Secondly, limiting the exposure to sun rays is another way to prevent mouth cancer. The excess exposure to the harmful UV rays could damage the lips cells and might cause cancer. So, it is better to use a good sunscreen to prevent from sun rays.

Always have a balanced and healthy diet. Eat foods and fruits which are rich in antioxidants and help to fight against other elements which can cause cancer. So, it is good to eat green vegetables, fruits and foods which are less fatty.

Lastly, this deadly disease can also be prevented by frequently visiting the dentist and going for a complete dental check up. Only a doctor can diagnose the problem properly and prescribe you the treatment according to the problem.

It is very difficult to diagnose leukemia in the initial stages and by the time the doctor comes to know about the disease, it spreads in the entire body. So, in the later stages it becomes very difficult to treat this deadly disease.

Hence, it is very significant to know about the signs and symptoms of leukemia and control it in the early stage. The symptoms of leukemia differ from person to person depending upon the type of leukemia any person has. Leukemia can be classified into two main types: chronic leukemia and acute leukemia. Both the types show distinct symptoms.


Any person suffers from leukemia when the blood cells present in the body get infected and do not function properly. Acute leukemia is caused when there are very little RBCs or red blood corpuscles present in the body. The diseases can also be caused due to many abnormal WBCs or white blood cells in the body.

Many times Down syndrome, family history, identical twins, congenital disorders and exposure to some toxic chemicals is responsible for causing leukemia.

Some of the common signs of leukemia include:

  • Anemia
  • Weakness
  • Pale color of the body
  • Fever
  • Bleeding from gums or nose
  • Pain in the joints
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sweating
  • Weight loss
  • Disorientation
  • Balance problems
  • Brain headaches
  • Confusion in taking any decision
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Sore throat

However, acute leukemia spreads faster in the body than chronic leukemia but it can be diagnosed easily because the person gets sick quickly. On the other hand it is harder to diagnose chronic leukemia at an early stage as there are no visible symptoms initially. So, whenever you feel sick and weak it is better to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The doctor conducts various tests to determine what kind of disease the person has. If the person is diagnosed with leukemia then various other tests are done to decide the kind of treatment that will be the best to control the problem.

The bone marrow and lymph nodes must be examined properly. Blood samples also help in accurate diagnosis of the disease. In addition, study and physical examination of cerebral spinal cord fluid also confirms about leukemia. X-rays and CT scans are also done to confirm the disease.

Acute leukemia could be treated by doing platelet or blood transfusions, radiation and anticancer medication treatments. Sometimes, bone marrow transplant is also required in the later stages. Doctors might also recommend cortisone pain relievers and drugs except aspirin to the patient. Chemotherapy is the best solution for leukemia. This therapy increases the survival rate of the infected person.

Acute leukemia is a type of cancer that can affect both adults and children. Although, effective treatments are possible for the disease but a patient requires regular check-ups and follow-ups to the doctor so as to ensure that the disease has not returned and spread in the body again.

It is true that lung cancer is a life threatening disease. Today there are many people who are fighting against this problem. The disease is spreading rapidly in United States. Cancer though of any type, not only affects the patient but also the family. You can reduce the chances of lung cancer by avoiding smoking, asbestos and many other chemicals. This article would highlight some of the vital lung cancer symptoms.

The lung cancer symptoms differ from person to person. However, some of the lung cancer symptoms are noticed in all the stages. The most common symptom of this disease is chronic cough. This could either be a change in the existing cough or a new cough. This cough can be the one which produces phlegm or a dry cough.

The second lung cancer symptom is problem in breathing. There occurs shortness of breath, whistling or wheezing sound during breathing. This is a vital lung cancer symptom which many people ignore considering it to be a symptom of sinus or allergy. So, if the cough lasts for long time the one must consult a doctor immediately.

The last lung cancer symptom is pain. This can be mild, severe or stabbing chest pain. Some people with lung cancer also show symptoms such as headache and swelling on the face. In case there is a tumor, there can be swelling or pain in the shoulder, arm or neck. The cancer also results in weakening of the hand muscles.

It is very important to know the lung cancer symptoms as early detection is the best sign to fight against this deadly disease. So, immediately consult a doctor to start the treatment as soon as possible though, the symptom may be due to any other problem.

In certain cases lung cancer is asymptomatic. The disease is determined during the radiological chest examination. However, some patients show certain signs and symptoms. The most common lung cancer symptoms include cough, wheeze, dyspnea, pneumonia and stridor due to bronchial obstruction.

One must know that when the tumor grows in the lung tissue it causes pain. Sometimes, due to the tumor caviation there can also be seen abscess formation. When the tumor spreads it also results in dysphagia because of esophageal compression, dyspnea because of phrenic nerve paralysis, hoarseness because of laryngeal nerve paralysis and also sometimes horner syndrome because of sympathetic nerve paralysis.

Every person knows that any cancer if not diagnosed at an early stage might spread to different organs of your body. Lung cancer can even spread in the brain areas and cause neurological problems, fracture and pain in bones, invasion of bone marrow causing cytopenias, biochemical imbalance due to liver metastases and adrenal metastases.

Some other visible lung cancer symptoms include anorexia, weight loss, suppressed immunity, cachexia and fever. However, these symptoms are seen in the later stages of the disease. Even in some patients hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia can be observed because of ectopic parathyroid hormone that releases tumors.

Hope this article helps you in knowing some of the lung cancer symptoms.

There are many people who are not aware of colon cancer and its symptoms. It is also necessary to know how colon cancer happens actually. But it can be said that cancer although of any type, is a complicated disease. This disease can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. So, one should know that colon cancer generally occurs due to low fiber diet.

In addition, studies have shown that people with high calories and high fat diet have also risk of suffering from this disease. The signs of colon cancer are very similar to the disease diverticulitis. So, it is advised to get tested and clear the confusion about the kind of problem you have.

Now, the most visible and common colon cancer symptom that is seen is anal bleeding. However, many people confuse it with piles and go for wrong treatment. So, it is better to consult a specialist in the early stages and start the treatment immediately otherwise the delay in the diagnosis of real symptoms might result in complications and serious consequences.

Another symptom of colon cancer apart from bleeding involves pain in lower abdomen region and hardness in abdomen. These symptoms are also the common signs. Some of the other symptoms also include inconsistency of stool and diarrhea for some weeks.

Although, these symptoms might be due to any other problem so it is not necessary that any person showing any of these symptoms is suffering from colon cancer. But at the same time it is also necessary not to neglect these symptoms and consult a good specialist to discuss about the disease. There is no doubt that a person will have to spend money but it is very necessary to protect the patient’s life and get the right treatment done.

Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, some other symptoms include long constipation, obstruction in the bowel movement, weight loss, rectal bleeding, fatigue, tiredness, anger, sadness; frustrations are also signs of colon cancer. Just like other cancer diseases, the symptoms of colon cancer are also not visible in initial stages. By the time any person comes to know about this disease it is very late.

So, colon cancer is also a life threatening disease. Today many communities and websites are there that ask for the some details from the patient’s side. These websites then judge evaluate and revert back on the reality of their symptoms. This is getting popular now-a-days and helps especially those who cannot afford the expensive checkups.

Conclusively, it can be said that do not ignore any of the partially visible or visible symptoms that occur in your body. It’s a question of life of an individual. Also, always have a fiber rich diet with green vegetables and fruits in it. Hence, do not hesitate to go and consult a specialist. Only a specialist would do a proper diagnosis and conduct various tests to determine the disease. Hope this article helps people in some way to know about colon cancer and its symptoms.

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. It can be of any type. Similarly breast cancer if diagnosed at later stages might result in serious consequences. Whenever this breast cancer develops it is very difficult to analyze the symptoms at an early stage by any patient. Sometimes, this disease can be detected only after the cancer has spread and grown to an abnormal size.

The most common symptom to determine whether any person is suffering from breast cancer is to diagnose for lumps. However, it is not necessary that the lump can occur only due to breast cancer but a woman can also feel tenderness and lumpy in her breasts before her regular monthly cycles.

Sometimes, there is pain in your breast but that does not mean that a woman is having breast cancer. Some of the benign cancer cells also result in pain, however, they are not considered as life threatening. So, it is the best way to consult a doctor if you have any confusion or problem.

Some of the most common breast cancer symptoms include:

  • Sudden change in the nipple due to any sensation
  • Tenderness of the nipple
  • Change in the breast or nipple appearance
  • Turning of nipple inwards that is towards the breast
  • Notification of any lump either on the underarm or on the breast area
  • Change in the skin color on the breast, nipple or areola region. It can change to red color and become scaly and swollen
  • Fluid discharge from the breasts
  • Breasts appear to look as an orange peel
  • Lastly, bleeding in nipple

One of the rigorous breast cancer symptoms is severe pain your breasts. At this stage, the lump has grown to large size and impinges on nerves. These lumps are noticeable in a mammogram or self check.

Again this pain in both the breasts is not necessarily a breast cancer symptom. Sometimes due to hormonal imbalances, puberty, irregular menstrual cycles this tenderness and pain is common. Sometimes, even pregnancy and certain medication can result in breasts pain and tenderness.

So, these are the initial signs of breast cancer. The lump can occur in a male or female patient, if the disease has begun to grow in the patient.

But make it clear that a lump in your breasts is not always a symptom of breast cancer. 90% of the cases it has been diagnosed that the lumps are present in the breasts due to benign cells. This means that they are just non-lethal cells. Even if any person has blood stains, fluid discharge, rashes or inverted nipples then it can also be due to some other problems.

So, it is good to consult a good doctor so as to clear your confusion. The doctor would give you an idea about the normal and abnormal lumps. Do not get nervous if find any of the symptoms. Hope this article gives you some idea about breast cancer symptoms and helps you in some way.

We all know that cancer is a very deadly disease. If not diagnosed at an early stage, this disease might result in the death of the person. It is generally a cell disease and causes an abnormal cell growth in various parts of the body. These cells multiply at an uncontrolled rate and attack may other tissues. This type of cell growth and division is also known as malignancy which is nothing but a cancer tumor.

Some of the cancer symptoms which are observed only in some particular kinds of cancer include nausea, constant pain in bones, unusual bleeding, changed urinary bladder habits, swelling of the breasts, swallowing problems, continual gruffness and many more.

Each kind of cancer has their some specific symptoms. That means a person suffering from kidney or bladder cancer show frequent urination, pain while urination and blood in urine as the major cancer symptoms. Some other cancer such as breast cancer shows burning or pain, reddishness, swelling in the breasts.

However, symptoms of cervical, uterine and endometrial cancer are the same. Some of the major symptoms of these types of cancer include: painful and heavy menstrual periods and unusual discharge.

Any person going through colon cancer would be diagnosed with the following symptoms: change bowel habits, stool with blood, constipation and unrelenting diarrhea. Some of the main leukemia symptoms are tiredness, decreasing weight, recurring infections, pain in joints and bones and nose bleeding.

Another type of cancer that is lung cancer includes symptoms as heaviness or pain in the chest, blood in sputum and continual cough. Throat and mouth cancer show symptoms like ulcer in throat or tongue which cannot be treated.

Prostate cancer is also a type of cancer. It weakens the urine flow. In this case the patient feels constant pain in upper thighs and pelvis. Symptoms of skin cancer are the presence of tumors below the skin. These tumors can never be healed. Also skin moles can be a skin cancer symptom.

Stomach cancer patients show symptoms as blood while vomiting, continuous decrease in body weight, and pain during and after eating.

Cancer is mostly caused due to the deficiency of necessary vitamins and minerals in your body especially, vitamin B6 and C. other causes of cancer include deficiency of digestive enzymes, fats, poison in the food, water and air, excess intake of drugs and hormonal disparity. This all weakens the immune system of the body and results in such deadly disease.

So, if you feel or see any of the above discussed symptoms then do not ignore it. Do visit a doctor as quickly as possible. There are chances to treat this deadly disease at an early stage. Once the disease progresses and the bearer are not aware of it then it gets very difficult to cure the disease. No doubt, cancer is a deadly and harmful disease but do not loose your will power and fight against it. Some of the body cancers if treated can increase your life for 3-5 years.

It is very difficult to distinguish the cervical cancer symptoms. This is because the symptoms are very similar to the normal menstrual or ovulation pains. Therefore, many women ignore the cervical cancer symptoms. This article would highlight some of the most common cervical cancer symptoms so that many women get aware of this serious disease and do not neglect in case there is any problem.

However, sometimes it might be possible that no symptoms of this disease are visible. In such cases the doctor only comes to know about the disease when it has grown to a more advanced stage. Given below are some of the very common symptoms of this disease:

  • Abnormal Bleeding: In this case women might experience their menstrual cycles for 18-20 days.
  • Heavy Discharge: This discharge can be watery, foul smelling or contain mucus. This should be followed by a treatment as it may result in many other problems like back pain etc and make your body weak.
  • Pelvic Pain: Generally females confuse this pain with the normal pain that they face during the menstrual cycle. These pains can be mild and turn to severe pains afterwards. So, one must consult the doctor immediately in case any such situation is observed.
  • Pain during Urination: The pain is usually observed in the kidneys or urinary bladder areas. This could be an indication that the cervical cancer has spread to the urinary bladder.
  • Bleeding after Sex: This usually happens due to the irritation of cervix. Some of the ladies might also bleed during pelvic examination, when penetrating the diaphragm inside or when douching.
  • Bleeding between the cycles: This can also be a symptom of cervical cancer. Woman might get menses even in the mid dates of her menstrual cycle.
  • Pain during Intercourse: However, many women ignore this symptom as most of them have pain during intercourse. But if the pain lasts for more than 20 minutes than one must visit a doctor without any delay.
  • Urine Leakage from Urinary Bladder to the Cervical Region: This symptom is mostly observed in the later stages when the cancer has spread to bladder region. This also includes pools leaking out from your mouth or nose when you cough and sneeze.

So, even though the problem is small, one must not ignore in any case and visit a doctor to report the changes. Remember that early detection is the safest and best way to cure any disease. So, it is important for all those women who are having any problem to go for their pelvic examination. Only a doctor can look out for the issue and start the treatment.

Despite of looking out for all the above discussed symptoms it is not necessary that if you are experiencing any of them then it is a cervical cancer symptom. These symptoms can also be due to some infection. So, it is better to consult a good doctor in and case and don’t get confused and worried.