The stroke symptoms differ from person to person. This disorder is generally observed in adults with increased age. Stroke is affecting about thousands of individuals every year. Stroke is usually caused when there is rupture of blood vessels in brain and the blood spreads to various other areas of the brain. This situation results in the damage of the brain area where this has occurred.

This problem requires an immediate medical attention. The strokes are mostly caused due to stress, anxiety and tension. Therefore, every person should know the stroke symptoms. Below listed are some of the stroke symptoms:

  • Sensation: This is the first sign of stroke disorder. The senses are affected initially especially the sense of touch. This problem could have an impact on the ability of the person necessary for rehabilitation. For instance, the problem of sensation at the paralyzed or hemiplegics region might make it difficult for an individual to figure out anything that is required.

So, a loss of sensation associated with the lack of perception can result in some major injury. For example, an individual might not feel heat that means more awareness is required to find out where the limbs are in space suppose they would avoid being scalded or burned.

  • Movement: Since the stroke disorders damage the brain, so it is very obvious that the individual will show abnormal movements. This might be due to sensory deficit, abnormal tone, equilibrium, righting reactions and loss of balance. For instance, when taking the food to the mouth from the plate this disorder would result in flexion of the arms.
  • Paralysis: Plegia or paralysis can be very easily recognized as the symptom of stroke. Although the stroke is a mild one but it causes weakness of the body. This weakness generally occurs on a particular side of the body which is opposite to the abrasion in the brain.

The neck, trunk and face muscles are usually affected by stroke disorders. It can also be seen in the legs and the arms. The tone of muscles changes following a mild stroke and might be either decreased (hypotonicity) or increased (spasticity or hypertonicity).

  • Emotional effects: There are many people who suffer from emotional disturbances when there is a stroke, although a mild one. An individual could become emotionally labile, that means crying or laughing at inappropriate times.

This problem is very stressful both for the individual and his carers, relatives or family. This disorder can also result in frustration, depression and aggression. In this situation the stroke also results in communication disorders.

  • Speech: Language and speech disorders usually occur when the individual has a wound in left hemisphere of the brain. The weakening of muscles that are involved in speech makes the speech slurred, though the language is not lost permanently.

This language deficit is also known as dysphasia. In this situation the person cannot express the feelings although he/she can properly understand all the spoken words.

Hope this article makes people understand about the various stroke symptoms.

There are many people who are not aware of schizophrenia. This is a kind of mental disease which usually occurs either in the later years of adolescence or in the initial years of adulthood. However, it must be cleared that any person can suffer from this mental disease and in any age of the life. The schizophrenia symptoms differ from patient to patient.

Some of the most commonly seen schizophrenia symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations: The patients suffering form these diseases usually hear certain unknown voices that are not heard by any person who is nearby him/her. In addition, these patients also smell, see things and feel taste which is generally not present or true.
  • Delusions: The schizophrenia patients also falls into delusions such as they might be injured by somebody or sometimes even bear special and unique strengths and capabilities. However, whatever notions they feel are only delusions and not at all true.
  • Bizarre behavior: This is also a very common symptom of schizophrenia. The patients generally behave in typical manner and perform various acts that appear very unsuitable and strange to other individuals nearby them.
  • Negative symptoms: In this case the patients show lesser motive, interest, decreased cognitive operations and reduced emotional locutions. These people cannot express their feelings, are not able to maintain hygiene and also lack their conversation with new people.
  • Disorganized speech: The patient speaks in a peculiar way such that their speech cannot be understood easily by other people. For instance: the topics or sentences that are under discussion either make no sense or the sentences are not related in any way. So, it becomes very difficult for other individuals to understand what the patient wants to express.

Apart from this, schizophrenia patients due to this mental sickness also face lower levels of abilities and focus. Not only their professional life but personal life is also suffered greatly. They show less attachment and love with their kids and also get detached from the society due to this peculiar behavior.

However, medications are available for the schizophrenia patients but do not show effective results. These drugs also have some side effects. Though, psychiatrist recommends the best treatments to their patients so as to cure them as much as possible.

Secondly, the family members must also cooperate with the patient. They must understand the kind of disorder the patient is experiencing. They should try their best to provide the best medications so as to control schizophrenia.

Sometimes, the schizophrenia patients are even admitted to the hospital when the disease reaches to its highest level. At this stage it becomes very difficult for the family members to deal with the patient. The patient is monitored regularly to control any of his/her abnormal behaviors.

Certain vocational programs are also organized for the schizophrenia patients. The family, relatives and friends must support and cooperate with the patient so as to help them to fight against the conflicts they are experiencing. This would also boost their will power, make them strong, build confidence and reduce their stress level.

The mechanism of different anxiety disorders cannot be understood easily and it becomes more difficult when the person experiencing such problem is a family member, a close and reliable friend or an in-law. Before looking out for the signs of any disorder it is very important to know the basics responsible for such disease. OCD is also a kind of an anxiety disorder.

Everyone in this world has stress and anxiety. This anxiety can be due to many reasons either personal or financial. It is a vague feeling of apprehension or dread. So, anxiety is the root cause behind many people suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior which is also known as OCD.

OCD is a usual response by people to internal and external stimuli which can result to unconscious and conscious behavioral, cognitive, emotional and also physical disorders.

So, OCD can be characterized by compulsions and obsessions. Different people show different symptoms. The obsessions can be continuous impulses and apparently unmanageable thoughts which constantly hit your mind. The person keeps on thinking on any topic for which he/she is tensed. At the same time the person is aware that the ideas and thoughts make no sense but still there is no control on such thoughts.

On the contrary, compulsions are mental or repetitive acts and behaviors which try to neutralize the anxiety feelings that any person is experiencing. Some of the OCD symptoms eradicate as the time passes whereas some get worse if the sufferer is stressed more.

Symptoms of OCD

People suffering from OCD generally show:

  • Fears of getting dirty
  • Washing their hands again and again
  • They prefer cleanliness around them
  • Make ways to clean the body every time
  • Checking things around them after every minute
  • Ensuring that the television is switched off
  • Checking that the doors are locked properly before leaving their house
  • Checking the doors even when going to sleep
  • Always looking for security and safety in the nearby areas
  • The obsession to avoid any danger and harm

Many people consider the OCD disorder persons as sinners and doubters. These people wish to be perfectionists and always want their work to be perfectly done. These people are always afraid that if their work is not completed, they would be punished for this and would feel bad about it.

Some others have obsessions of symmetry and order; they always try to keep things well- arranged. These people also show superstitions about colors, patterns and numbers.

There are many OCD sufferers who are also referred as Hoarders. This is because they fear that something wrong will take place if they happen to throw and toss like papers, pencils, books and bottle caps. They compulsively try to collect and save things, though there is no need of all this.

So, if you or any person who is in your relation feels any of the above mentioned signs of OCD then it is necessary to have a thorough psychological and medical exam before jumping to any conclusion.

Epilepsy is a group of interconnected disorders that involve a propensity of recurrence seizures. Epilepsy is of different kinds and also the seizures vary accordingly. Just like other diseases this also should not be left ignored. Today very effective treatments are available for epilepsy. Drugs are available to control the seizures. However, surgery is also preferred in some cases where the drugs do not show the desired results.

Before looking at the epilepsy symptoms it is very important to know the causes of epilepsy. The prominent cause of this disorder and the seizures is head trauma. Researches and studies have also proved that any remote injured that might have occurred some time ago might cause epilepsy. But it has not been confirmed yet that what kind of or how long this injury should be.

It is also possible that epilepsy risk might increase substantially when there is any open wound. Sometimes this seizure is very intense. This can be seen as the lack of consciousness, body stiffening, shivering, tongue biting and also frequent urination. This kind of seizure is also termed as tonic clonic seizures of epilepsy.

When every area of the brain gets disturbed by any electrical activity, it might also result in a comprehensive seizure. This directly means that consciousness or the lack of consciousness may be impaired. After sometime every the arms and legs of the epilepsy infected individual stiffen and then jerk rhythmically.

Some of the symptoms of epilepsy are discussed below:

  • Partial – simple seizure: This kind of seizure is furthermore classified into 4 main categories depending on the symptoms’ nature which can be automatic, sensory, motor or psychological. For instance: the motor epilepsy symptoms are comprehensive of movements such as jerking and stiffening.
  • Atonic seizure: This is also a kind of epilepsy symptom in which the muscles of the body become floppy. People experiencing such type of seizure may plunge on the ground.
  • Generalized seizures: This is considered as the most frequent symptom of epilepsy. This seizure is also known by the name grand -mal epilepsy. This kind of seizure directly affects the whole brain.

So, the epilepsy symptoms differ on the kind of seizure it is. Sometimes, an infected person with epilepsy would experience the same sort of seizures every time. Therefore, the symptoms might be similar from one episode to other. However many individuals suffer from different kinds of seizure that too with different symptoms every time.

Some of the effective epilepsy treatments include:

Pharmacotherapy – It is believed that the anti-epileptic drugs are effective and help in controlling the seizures to eighty percent for those individuals who are diagnosed at later stages.

Surgical therapy – Diagnostic technology and surgical techniques have also proved to be good and effective epilepsy seizures treatment.

Alternative Treatments – This treatment involves biofeedback and vitamins.

Medications – Every medication has both benefits and its side effects but is appropriate for different kinds of epilepsy.

Corpus Callosotomy – When the seizures cause falls and injuries then this procedure might be taken into consideration.

Depression can actually affect your health negatively. This problem of depression does not only affect the condition of your mind but it also negatively impacts your physical health. One of the many depression symptoms is that people start becoming immature and selfish as they do stop believing in hope and always keep thinking about the negative things surrounding them.

All the people or individuals out there feel sad at some point of time in life; however, people undergoing depression feel sad regularly almost on a daily basis. These hopelessness and sadness are one of the primary depression symptoms. However, there are some other physical depression symptoms.

To provide help to people or individuals who are suffering from depression is very difficult. This is because when people try to comfort the depression patient he or she will take that for some time; however, after that they will again start thinking in other direction and will get said.

One of the worst depression symptoms is that the person suffering from depression always keeps feeling bad about the one or the other thing. Therefore, you need to constantly keep telling these people that they are suffering from depression and the only way they can be cured is by thinking positively and good.

The depression symptoms that can bring physical changes are sudden change in person’s eating habit and less sleep. The symptoms of less sleep are visible when you do not want to sleep at nights and as a result you want to sleep next day in school or at the office. If you are going through this cycle of less sleep you are in very certainty going towards depression.

Similar is the condition when the eating habits of your change. While suffering from depression people do not feel hungry or do not feel like eating at all; however, when they do they eat a lot.

If you think that you are suffering from depression then you should look for depression symptoms. In case you find such depression symptoms you should immediately contact some specialist to solve your depression.

Another very common type of depression symptoms is that the person becomes lazy. This is because you mind does not support you and you do not feel like you have the energy to things. This is simply because your mind is distracted and you are constantly thinking about negative things.

Another reason for remaining inactive is that your nervous system does not support you and as a result you are not willing to do anything. This can also happen when you keep crying and remain sad all the time. When you cry a lot, you lose hope and your energy levels come down. As a result you feel lazy and tired.

Constant and chronic headaches can be considered just another one of many known depression symptoms. If you are feeling any of the symptoms that are discussed above you should immediately visit a specialist who can help you out.

Now a days stress and tension has lead to a new problem known as depression. Many individuals are experiencing this common health problem. This is a kind of mental disorder which is affecting many lives. Many people are not aware of this disorder. So, a medical diagnosis is very essential to know about depression.

Today about 3 out of 10 individuals have depression problem. The causes of depression are not yet known properly. So, observe all the depression symptoms and take medications to treat this severe problem. This problem affects the daily routine of people.

This disorder causes severe anxiety and stress and makes the life terrible. People start thinking in the negative way and lose their mental capability. These negative thoughts eat the brain and gradually result in major depression problems which also lead to other personality disorders.


Generally people who are mentally disturbed because of any kind of emotional or physical abuse can experience depression in life. This disorder can also be due to family conflicts or friends, major financial loss, or any sudden death of loved ones. Depression also is hereditary and passes from one generation to other. Sometimes severe illness also causes depression.

The common kinds of depression include childhood depression, adult depression, teenage depression, reactive depression, clinical depression, mental depression, chronic depression, bipolar depression, postpartum disorder, neurotic depression and psychological depression. The symptoms are same for all types, only the root cause differs.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of child, adult and teenage depression is almost same except some of the behavioral aspects which differ in the respective ages.

  • Lack of expression
  • Lack of feeling
  • Sadness
  • Afraid and fearful
  • Shyness
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Wetting the bed
  • Stomach ache
  • Getting nightmares
  • Unable to sleep
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic disorders
  • Violence
  • Isolation from social, personal and business life
  • Loss of energy level
  • Loss of interest and activeness
  • Seclusion from pleasures and enjoyment
  • Dysthymia: These people generally are not satisfied and feel unhappy when compared with others.
  • Anxiety
  • Short tempered
  • Changes in sleeping and eating timetables
  • Violent activities
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless

The adult and teen depression symptoms should be considered seriously because if ignored they might create severe consequences. Some people might become addict to alcohol and drugs. Many people also attempt suicide when get frustrated.

Whatever may be the depression disorder whether major or mild, both have similar symptoms. So, ‘negative thinking’ today is considered as the major cause behind all kinds of depression symptoms.


The depression symptoms can be treated in two ways. This problem can be treated either through psychotherapy counseling and medication. However, the former ensures the best results. It also has no side effects and the treatment depends on the condition of the patients conditions.

Number of antidepressants are available now-a-days in the market to treat all types of depression disorders however, the best way is through a psychiatrist counseling. An individual should be positive minded always and control the anger and stress to reduce this problem. Many pills are also recommended by the doctors to get rid of this problem.

There are only few folks who are aware of autism. This disorder is increasing day-by-day in children. So, it is very necessary that parents should be aware of this disorder so as to make their child survive in this competitive world.

So, what exactly does autism means? This is a kind of social disorder which cannot be detected easily by the parents and they neglect it just as other forms of particular needs. However, the autistic children cannot be considered as abnormal. They live their life to the fullest but keeping in place certain correct therapies.

Every one knows that detection is the key. So, earlier the parents learn about this kind of disorder, sooner they can go for a treatment for the autistic child. This increases the chances of their child to get mainstreamed into the school settings and also in the world.

The autism disorder can be of various types. Some of the autism symptoms include some children who are very talkative while others do not utter a word of what all they do; some children show peculiar behavior as if they try to move apart from different stimulations in their room. In addition, there are some children who make noise, fidget with objects, cry or spin around for hours at any place which they do not like or not feel comfortable.

Many of you might have seen how most of the children react in supermarkets. They consider these markets as a war zone, walk here and there and also throw some of the items on the floor. However, an autistic child will simply walk in the store, see all lights, the signs, the colors and the signs that others are making with the items but they fear to participate in the same environment.

So, below discussed are some of the autistic symptoms where children do not get familiar with others and always enjoy in their own world of loneliness at the fullest. Also, there are some children who cannot be even taken to any public markets as they try to mimic certain temper tantrums. Hence, this is also nothing more than any child afraid of those surroundings.

The parents can analyze whether their child has autistic disorders as they can observe whether their child looks isolated often, it does not make any eye contact while talking, does not play with other children and always prefers to play alone. These children also do not speak more, are very particular in eating, or have very poor sleeping schedules.

There are some children who show autistic symptoms as in order to make the family members pay attention to him/her they bang their heads due to frustration, get violent, or break some items. Apart from this some might stay and play alone for hours without making any contact with the family members or peers.

So, if the parents observe any of the above discussed autism symptoms often then they must consult a family physician as after some time these symptoms might be very frightening.

Phobia or obsessions are not too far away whenever you are affected by the disease “bipolar disorder”. Therefore, you will be well enough if you keep looking out for bipolar disorder symptoms to figure whether you are affected or not affected from this disease.

This bipolar disorder can some sometimes lead to severe depression or manic depressive illness. People who suffer from disease are quickly taken over by their own delusions. In such cases if no measures are taken to cure that it can lead to dangerous outcomes, which might be more disastrous than this.

One of the early bipolar disorder symptoms is that you experience all types of hallucinations or false beliefs. You will feel certain false or fake sensory perceptions that will seem very real to you; this will make the real people present near you fade in some other world. Such things are normal to occur with this disease irrespective of whether you are depressive or maniac.

Two of the most common depressive bipolar disorder symptoms include phobia or obsessions. While going through the manic phase of this disease, people may feel powerfully, yet without any reason, happy. You might well not notice this bipolar disorder symptom; however, person near you might and this should be enough to take you to the physician or a doctor.

Knowing the bipolar disorder symptoms can you in quickly getting the desired help, especially before it becomes too dangerous or critical. Like all the other things in the life early handling of issues help them to get solve faster and easily. It definitely can help you too, despite your thinking that how useless you are.

I have known people who have had worse situations while suffering from bipolar disorder symptoms; however, they have been able to take control of the situation at the end.

While the feeling of bipolar disorder can primarily be described as some lifelong illness; however, preventing the frequent reoccurrence of symptoms of such dreaded disease can be managed with some proper method and treatment.

People who suffer from bipolar disorder symptoms experience very extreme moods swings. These mood swings may range from “manic depression” – this includes a condition of euphoria – to “depression” – this can cause great unhappiness and may lead to suicidal tendencies.

The ability to recognize the starting of these bipolar disorder symptoms can help a lot in taking the timely action. This can help greatly to any person who is suffering from this dreaded lifelong mental and physical illness.

If the individual is aware of the conditions that are accompanied with the starting of bipolar disorder symptoms he or she can go for medical treatment immediately and start their medications. This is helpful in restricting this disease from reaching a full blown condition of mania or depression.

Some of the other bipolar disorder symptoms might include the inability to sleep or sometimes sleeping excessively, excessive crying, lack of energy, decrease in diet, depressed state of the mind or overeating.

Children by nature are very active human being. They constantly keep jumping and running and always seem to be in a hurry, particularly when you compare them with the activities of the adults. Finding out about the ADHD symptoms in child is not always easy, particularly during the first few years.

However, at the time of going to school ADHD symptoms may become more and more disruptive both to the learning of the child and also the classroom. While doctors have a strong belief of treating these ADHD symptoms with drugs; however, with the advancement in technology these days you can have other options to cure this disease too.

But, to be able to achieve this i.e. have an alternate treatment you need to identify the ADHD symptoms accurately before you have your proper treatment.

ADHD symptoms do change with time!

For instance, hyperactivity during the childhood days may result in restlessness during adulthood. Adults consistently come across the problems related to employment and relationships, whereas children face the difficulty of staying attentive in school and completing its assignments.

Below is a small record of ADHD symptoms that are associated with each and every aspect of this disease:

Inattention by children during this disease is accompanied by:


  • An inability by the child to stay focused on task to complete the activities
  • Frequent changes in the conversation and problem in hearing to what others are saying, inability to keep with the rules or social behavior or details
  • Poor organization of the habits related to work
  • Problem in giving proper attention to details & a habit to make small careless errors in the activities or work in completing work that is not organized properly
  • Consistent shift in focus from one activity to another
  • Habit of forgetting things, even the routine activities

In adults the ADHD symptoms are present as follows:

  • An urge to keep up and walk around continuously
  • Not being able to sit still, squirming and fidgeting when asked to sit on a chair
  • Constantly on the move
  • Talking a lot or excessively
  • Problem in doing anything quietly or not being able to do anything that require doing it quietly
  • Inappropriate moving, climbing or running – this is normally characterized as impulsivity and restlessness

A person having ADHD symptoms may have all or some of the above mentioned symptoms. However, the presence of one or all the ADHD symptoms may depend on the severity and the variant of the disease.

However, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the above mentioned behaviors to any particular variant as these behaviors are quite inter-related. Therefore, it is very important to get the disease diagnosed at the right stage. Diagnosing the disease at the right stage makes it easier to start the treatment.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that, the probability of this disease is only there when the behavior is found to be repeated in nature.