The thyroid gland is located just below the Adam’s apple and is an important organ in any human body. The shape resembles to a butterfly but it is actually more powerful a gland than the other glands.

The main job of a thyroid gland is to secrete hormones namely T3 and T4 with the help from other endocrine glands. They are the reason an infant grows into a kid and later into an adult. The hormonal changes occurring in infants and kids are an effect of the hormonal activity.

The thyroid is the most important gland or organ in the body as they stabilize metabolic activities and also interferes in puberty, organ functioning and fertility. Most of these hormones also help in building calcium growth. This is the reason why thyroids remain to be the most important element in any human body. They experience problems that sometimes get difficult to understand. It is always better to understand and diagnose thyroids in children before planning the treatment procedure.

Hypothyroidism can be caused due to a weak or inactive thyroid while hyperthyroidism is a result of an overactive thyroid. Doctors will first check for the level of hormone in the body by actually collecting the blood screens and a blood test. Family medical history does play an important role in identifying the kind of thyroid in an infant. Sometimes iodine deficiency can also cause thyroid problems in kids.

The thyroids remain underdeveloped and fail to secrete necessary hormones into the body. Kids need to have a proper diet if they seem to display certain symptoms of thyroids.

On the contrary kids suffering from hyperthyroidism eventually look over excited and lose an excessive amount of weight, and fail to sleep on time. The facial expression always remains scared and pointblank most of the time. They also face problems when it comes to tolerating heat and cold. Sometimes thyroid nodules are found in kids that can turn into cancer.

Hence a proper scan needs to be done to effect out such a possibility. It is extremely sad that none of the scientists have ever come across any kind of complete treatment or recovery for thyroids. They hope to come out with a cure for this genetic symptom or issue that messes the whole body making life difficult to cope with.

It becomes extremely important for people to understand the different problems related to thyroid and its side effects. Sometimes people find difficulty in understanding all the symptoms. They become sad and cannot cope up with every sudden surprise they get in life.

In case you are a thyroid cancer patient you should understand the treatments and the side effects well in advance. Some of the treatments can cause side effects which can be called as papillary or follicular carcinoma.

Some of the side effects also vary with the kind of treatment or procedure undertaken. Some people might opt for a radioactive or radiation based chemotherapy. You must always talk to your oncologist before learning to manage the situation better. It is always important to ask your doctor about the various post effects or side effects so that you be prepared for the same. And try to pay attention to the kind of treatment or medications they would be suggesting for your disorder.

Firstly opt for an experienced surgeon who specializes in thyroid cancer. This will take off the pressure form you in case of possible side-effects.

Secondly read or speak with patients who have been sufferers of thyroid cancer. Some of the possible side-effects include harsh voice, muscle spasm, tingling sensation, blood clots, voice loss and infection.

Sometimes patients opt for antiemetic drugs to help curb the chemotherapy side effects which included vomiting and nausea. However, only your doctor or surgeon can recommend any of these medicines. Also do not miss any of your weekly appointments as they are a way to help you manage your side-effects patiently.

A help from a doctor or an advice will certainly help in monitoring your progress. You must also improve your eating habits and strictly restrict to foods chosen by your docs. The diet should be rich in protein, fresh fruits, vegetables that will ensure a right balance of vitamins and calories.

Lastly, keep reading and researching on these side-effects which will help you to understand your procedure and health in a better manner. Get involved in small activities that keep you happy and calm. Also try to remain happy and not depressed even if the symptoms put a lot of damage on your health.

An overactive or underactive thyroid can put in lot of pressure and difficulty for women to conceive. Sometimes thyroid problems also occurs post pregnancy which totally puts a toll on the health of a woman.

Thyroid disorders are the main reason for an infertile lady. Sometimes the symptoms are such that interferes with a smooth child birth. They are the main reasons for a premature labor, fetal abnormalities and stillbirth. The thyroid gland begins to enlarge which puts a strain on the thyroid hormones. Hence it can be concluded that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are both effectively responsible for problems occurring in a pregnant woman.

Hypothyroidism often affects nearly 1% of all pregnant women. However it puts an equal pressure on men and women both at the same time. Hyperthyroidism on the contrary will depict mild symptoms in women but can cause a lot of pain through miscarriage, abortion, premature labor, delivery, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage. Also the women suffering from hyperthyroidism become pregnant there are additional chances for her undergoing a miscarriage or congenital malformations.

It is always important to diagnose the disease well before understanding the symptoms. Both almost face similar symptoms like vomiting, fast heart beats, excessive sweating, inability to bear heat, nervousness, emotional excitement, etc. Only once the diagnosis have been carried forward that a particular surgery or medication can be advised or conducted.

Nuclear scanning is an important procedure apart from using radioactive elements to destroy the fetal thyroid or the underactive thyroid gland. This usually causes pressure on the mental and physical qualities for the baby and even mother.

Sometimes due to a late detection of thyroids, women often come across a hyperthyroid situation called the thyroid storm. This can be caused while the triggering effect of labor causes some kind of an infection which causes the thyroid hormones to storm out than usual. Hence every diagnosis is important especially for women who are in their reproductive or child bearing age groups.

You can also share your problems with a therapist who might recommend some kind of natural therapy or ayurveda to cool off the pain and discomfort. However, the objective should always be to go for regular check-ups during pregnancy as you will be fully aware of any future inevitable problem.

Thyroid disorders in men and women often create innumerous health problems. Thyroid in women also constitute of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Both their symptoms cause disorders that sometimes get uncontrollable. Most symptoms associated with the thyroid gland needs to be understood well before beginning the procedure of medication. The patient should first visit their family physician that would then connect them either to a therapist or specialized doctor.

Woman often get scared of the kind of treatment procedures that are involved with thyroids. Doctors might suggest either radioactive iodine, replacement of thyroid gland, or a surgery to smoothen things off. However not often do these surgeries put an end to their problems.

Some of the symptoms associated with hyperactive thyroids (hypothyroidism) include feeling depressed most of the time, slow run-down feeling, anxiety, nervousness, backache, uneven concentration, exhaustion, tiredness, slow thinking capacity, constipation, intolerance to cold, unbalanced bowel movements, skin turning rough and dry. Some women also experience harsh cramps and muscle pain due to which they rarely workout in the gyms. Such women should actually switch over to meditation and practicing yoga which can be of a great help. Other issues related to this disorder would be irregularity in menstrual cycle, miscarriage etc.

Hyperthyroidism will also face problems such as excessive sweating, irritation, trembling of hands and legs, nervousness, muscle weakness, low concentration levels, increase in heartbeats, weight loss, loss of appetite, decrease in menstrual flow, irregular periods, brittle and dry skin. It depends on case to case basis and none of them can be considered as a mandatory symptom to understand the possibility of a thyroid gland disorder.

It can only be revealed through a blood test and periodical checking that women face either of these disorders. Also women need to practice to remain happy and mingle with close relatives and friends who would understand their situation. They need to feel chirpy and reveal their problems to their doctor.

Sometimes, women are too scared to go out for the fear of rejection or non-performance. All these can be worked upon if the woman understands the importance of discussing with their concerned doctors. Hence, in case you are a woman and suffer from any of these symptoms kindly get in touch with your doctor immediately and understand the way for a treatment that will enable you to stay focused and concentrate on daily work.

Hypothyroidism is most common amongst woman during the early stages of pregnancy. This is caused due to deficiency in hormone secretion. Most importantly, this particular disorder causes menstrual problems, loss of periods, irregularity etc.

Once hypothyroidism becomes serious, it also curbs in the process of fertility. The woman has less chances of getting pregnant. In case of early detection an underactive thyroid will easily be treated with the help of either a hormone replacement or with iodine therapy. Most of the symptoms of thyroid get often confused and mixed with pregnancy symptoms. This leads to non-diagnosis of patients.

Some of the most common symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, nausea, weight loss, heat intolerance, over-eating etc. Pregnant women need to go for a complete diagnosis as all these symptoms can certainly not be avoided. In case it is not diagnosed or detected it can cause problems to the mother and baby. This often leads to miscarriages and other serious defects.

The safest drug for pregnant women will be propylthiouracil, antithyroid medications both of which need to be taken under doctor’s recommendations. However, over-dosage of both of these medications can also put a lot of pressure as it might lead to hypothyroidism in both the baby as well as mother. This is the reason doctor’s advice patients to take medications in a particular dosage. In other cases anti-thyroid drugs can also cause certain allergies which can get very intolerable.

The best solution for pregnant women will be to opt for radioactive iodine which will help to kill the thyroid completely with the help of radioactivity. And most often inflammation of thyroid gland can easily interfere with the thyroid function. This will put a lot of unnecessary damage to the body.

Most often postpartum thyroiditis resolves as early as in the first four months. If they get resolved treatment or surgery will not be recommended. Women will also have to remember to consult a doctor or relative if they undergo any unusual symptom. Also, patients can read other procedures and medications conducted on other patients which will keep them at ease. And also always research about the various do’s and don’ts signs of pregnancy.