Cancer Symptoms

We all know that cancer is a very deadly disease. If not diagnosed at an early stage, this disease might result in the death of the person. It is generally a cell disease and causes an abnormal cell growth in various parts of the body. These cells multiply at an uncontrolled rate and attack may other tissues. This type of cell growth and division is also known as malignancy which is nothing but a cancer tumor.

Some of the cancer symptoms which are observed only in some particular kinds of cancer include nausea, constant pain in bones, unusual bleeding, changed urinary bladder habits, swelling of the breasts, swallowing problems, continual gruffness and many more.

Each kind of cancer has their some specific symptoms. That means a person suffering from kidney or bladder cancer show frequent urination, pain while urination and blood in urine as the major cancer symptoms. Some other cancer such as breast cancer shows burning or pain, reddishness, swelling in the breasts.

However, symptoms of cervical, uterine and endometrial cancer are the same. Some of the major symptoms of these types of cancer include: painful and heavy menstrual periods and unusual discharge.

Any person going through colon cancer would be diagnosed with the following symptoms: change bowel habits, stool with blood, constipation and unrelenting diarrhea. Some of the main leukemia symptoms are tiredness, decreasing weight, recurring infections, pain in joints and bones and nose bleeding.

Another type of cancer that is lung cancer includes symptoms as heaviness or pain in the chest, blood in sputum and continual cough. Throat and mouth cancer show symptoms like ulcer in throat or tongue which cannot be treated.

Prostate cancer is also a type of cancer. It weakens the urine flow. In this case the patient feels constant pain in upper thighs and pelvis. Symptoms of skin cancer are the presence of tumors below the skin. These tumors can never be healed. Also skin moles can be a skin cancer symptom.

Stomach cancer patients show symptoms as blood while vomiting, continuous decrease in body weight, and pain during and after eating.

Cancer is mostly caused due to the deficiency of necessary vitamins and minerals in your body especially, vitamin B6 and C. other causes of cancer include deficiency of digestive enzymes, fats, poison in the food, water and air, excess intake of drugs and hormonal disparity. This all weakens the immune system of the body and results in such deadly disease.

So, if you feel or see any of the above discussed symptoms then do not ignore it. Do visit a doctor as quickly as possible. There are chances to treat this deadly disease at an early stage. Once the disease progresses and the bearer are not aware of it then it gets very difficult to cure the disease. No doubt, cancer is a deadly and harmful disease but do not loose your will power and fight against it. Some of the body cancers if treated can increase your life for 3-5 years.

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