Breast Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. It can be of any type. Similarly breast cancer if diagnosed at later stages might result in serious consequences. Whenever this breast cancer develops it is very difficult to analyze the symptoms at an early stage by any patient. Sometimes, this disease can be detected only after the cancer has spread and grown to an abnormal size.

The most common symptom to determine whether any person is suffering from breast cancer is to diagnose for lumps. However, it is not necessary that the lump can occur only due to breast cancer but a woman can also feel tenderness and lumpy in her breasts before her regular monthly cycles.

Sometimes, there is pain in your breast but that does not mean that a woman is having breast cancer. Some of the benign cancer cells also result in pain, however, they are not considered as life threatening. So, it is the best way to consult a doctor if you have any confusion or problem.

Some of the most common breast cancer symptoms include:

  • Sudden change in the nipple due to any sensation
  • Tenderness of the nipple
  • Change in the breast or nipple appearance
  • Turning of nipple inwards that is towards the breast
  • Notification of any lump either on the underarm or on the breast area
  • Change in the skin color on the breast, nipple or areola region. It can change to red color and become scaly and swollen
  • Fluid discharge from the breasts
  • Breasts appear to look as an orange peel
  • Lastly, bleeding in nipple

One of the rigorous breast cancer symptoms is severe pain your breasts. At this stage, the lump has grown to large size and impinges on nerves. These lumps are noticeable in a mammogram or self check.

Again this pain in both the breasts is not necessarily a breast cancer symptom. Sometimes due to hormonal imbalances, puberty, irregular menstrual cycles this tenderness and pain is common. Sometimes, even pregnancy and certain medication can result in breasts pain and tenderness.

So, these are the initial signs of breast cancer. The lump can occur in a male or female patient, if the disease has begun to grow in the patient.

But make it clear that a lump in your breasts is not always a symptom of breast cancer. 90% of the cases it has been diagnosed that the lumps are present in the breasts due to benign cells. This means that they are just non-lethal cells. Even if any person has blood stains, fluid discharge, rashes or inverted nipples then it can also be due to some other problems.

So, it is good to consult a good doctor so as to clear your confusion. The doctor would give you an idea about the normal and abnormal lumps. Do not get nervous if find any of the symptoms. Hope this article gives you some idea about breast cancer symptoms and helps you in some way.

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