Brain Tumor Symptoms in a Child

Children who suffer from brain tumor disease do exhibit a lot many symptoms that are not totally different from the brain tumor symptoms found in adults. However, these brain tumor symptoms are non-specific i.e. these symptoms can be related to other diseases found in children as well. You doctor is in the best position to decide and diagnose the disease from which your children is suffering. Below is a short list of brain tumor symptoms that are found in children.

  • Headaches: While many of us are aware of the fact that the headaches in children are normal and can be because of varied reasons. However, chronic headaches in children should not be ignored. One of the brain tumor symptoms is that the headaches are recurring in nature & increase in power over a period of time. The child is not able to sleep because of this headache and normal painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen does not seem to work. Similar to brain tumor symptoms found in adults the severity of headache increases with change in position such as bending down, sneezing, lying down, etc. However, as mentioned earlier the headache can be due to some other reason as well.
  • Seizures: Similar to headaches, seizures can also be associated with diseases other than brain tumor too. However, 50 percent of individuals suffering from brain tumor do have seizures too. Though seizures are mild it can lead to many dangerous consequences such as loss of consciousness. If you think that your children are having attack of seizures than you should immediately seek some medical attention.
  • Personality Changes: Similar to above two symptoms changes in personality can also be linked to other chronic diseases or some circumstances. However, exaggeration or changes in normal personality traits do indicate that there is some problem with the child. Example of the some the changes in personality are: you child laughs at things that are not too funny or your child gets angry suddenly without any reasons.
  • Cognitive Impairment: If you think that your child has trouble in recollecting things or is not able to concentrate properly, then you visit your physician immediately. This brain tumor symptom is found more commonly in children of school age. For example, if your kid takes more than normal time in doing certain tasks that are done easily by other children, then you should consult a physician.
  • Changes in speech: In this case a child speaks a lot of things or words; however, you cannot make out anything from that i.e. your child is not able to communicate with the right words.
  • Physical changes in children: Child suffering from brain tumor may experience a lot of weakness on one part of the body. The child suffering from this disease might not be able to walk properly and there might be a lack of coordination in his movement.

Though, the brain tumor symptoms discussed above might be found in other cases as well, you should remain careful and be in touch with your doctor in case you see any of the above mentioned symptoms in your child.

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