All About Botox Injections

It is still undecided whether the pain of arthritis can be relieved by Botox. However, Botox injections are very promising. People who go for Botox treatments surely notice some improvement in their motor function. The pain is also reduced to a great extent.

Botox is also known as type A botulinum toxin. Botulism or food poisoning is also caused by it. Botox injections are purified and low-concentrated form of this toxin. When these are injected in a specific muscle, the chemical signals which cause the contraction of muscle are blocked.

The refractory joint pain can be reduced to a great extent and the function can be improved a lot by these intra-articular injections.  The working of Botox injections isn’t known completely by the medical community.

However, the person is relieved of arthritic pain by these injections. There is the inhibition of release of neuropeptides. These are involved in producing and transmitting the pain. The production of neuropeptides is found in the brain cells. They are either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. Of course everyone prefers anti-inflammatory ones. The pleasure, pain , ability to solve problems, mood, reception and body weight are effectively controlled by the neuropeptides. The immune system is also regulated and people are allowed to form their memories.

When Botox injections are given to the arthritic patients, it doesn’t result in joint swelling, tenderness, erythema or fatigue. This was a major concern some time back. Studies have shown that the pain is decreased to a great extent when patients are given Botox injections. The oral medications are also replaced by these injections. These are surely the preferred treatments for refractory joint pain. The need for knee surgery may be negated or delayed by Botox. The lower back and neck disorders are also relieved successfully by these injections.