Blood Cancer – Symptoms and Treatment!

Blood cancer is a very dreaded disease and the blood cancer symptoms should be identified as early as possible. However, before going deeper into the discussion on blood cancer, let us first talk a little bit about blood.

Blood for any individual is an integral component of the body. This blood is made up of varied components such as plasma, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. The platelets (also know as monocytes) and RBCs (red blood cells) belong to myeloid group. The other white blood cells belong to lymphoid group.

If the lymphoid cells are affected or infected in the body the disease tend to progress quickly. This is pretty common among small children. Leukemia or Blood cancer in reality is a combination of diseases; each of this disease impedes the normal blood cells functioning and does lead to weakening the blood system.

Leukemia or blood cancer is either classified as chronic or acute. Urine and blood samples are normally tested for various things, which are called tumor markets. These tumor markers may also indicate cancer.

The primary blood cancer symptom or cause is a weakened immune system. This can be primarily the result of drugs which suppresses the immune system. These drugs are normally used for transplant of organs.

The immune system can also be weakened because of high dose of radiation, for instance radiation at the time of radiotherapy treatment. Another probably blood cancer symptom or rather cause can be HIV. This is because HIV also leads to weakening of the immune system.

Some of the common blood cancer symptoms include: weakness, breathlessness, malaise, fatigue, weight loss, sweating at night, recurrent fever or infections, frequent nose bleeds or bleeding gums, easy or excessive bruising, back pain, bone pain, abdominal pain, enlargement of lymph node (gland), anorexia, enlargement of abdominal organs due to abdominal or lumps distension, decreased urination, fluid retention, visual disturbance, headaches, delirium, confusion and bone fractures from even minimal trauma.

For the treatment of blood cancer your doctor or physician may prescribe medications, which are often named as “growth factors”. These medicines encourage the body to produce a larger number of blood cells.

Medicines are also used sometimes to prevent the blood count from lowering in the body. This is primarily done with people who have very high probability of having complications while undergoing cancer treatment.

Medicines have their risks as well as benefits. Therefore, before starting any medicines or medications do discuss with your doctor or physician about all the possible effects or these drugs that are used to increase blood cell count.

Many people are either overwhelmed or confused when they first hear about having leukemia. This can be a very disturbing time for both themselves and their families. An important factor while undergoing cancer treatment is that you should learn to express your feelings and get support from your friends and family members.

You should always remember that the cure of this blood cancer disease is painful but you can go through it with the support of your family and friends.

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