Bamforth Syndrome

It is often listed as the rarest disease ever introduced or researched, The national institute of health will explain that nearly 200000 people in theUSsuffer from this problem. This disorder takes place when complications arise with an abnormal opening in the top corner of the mouth. Apart from this a reduction in thyroid functions often leads to this syndrome.

Some of the most common symptoms of Bamforth Syndrome include hypothyroidism, spiky hair, divided epiglottis, cleft palate, small jaw, twisted hair shaft, mental retardation, abnormal thyroid, excess amniotic fluid, sparse scalp hair, absent scalp hair etc. All these symptoms will not be readily visible or apparent to the sufferer. This disorder will vary from one patient to another. Sometimes the symptoms or signs for this particular syndrome may not be fully accurate and hence it is always suggested to visit a doctor and not believe in self-treatment.

Once, the symptoms show some activity the disease needs to be treated as soon as possible. There are various medication services available which will lead to a proper consultation. In case you find it difficult to find a particular medication you could ask your family doctor to help you with the same. Sometimes burning or tingling feet might lead to an HIV or AIDS.

Hence, do not avoid seeing a doctor who would help you to understand your symptoms better. It can also be related to more serious disorders like Bamforth feet. And there are occasions when a spinal injury can lead to a permanent condition of cramps or tingling feet. It is often mistaken with other symptoms. Some of the symptoms also include back pain and neck stiffness. Hence, a complete research on this topic will yield better results. Secondly understanding the importance of diet and medications are extremely beneficial.