Ayurvedic Cure for Thyroid

Ayurveda is based on the doctrine that certain substances of vegetable, animal and mineral origin have curative values. These medicinal values have been well documented by various writers and compilers of Ayurvedic literature who observed and experimented with herbs, minerals, metals, animal parts, cooked food articles, natural foods and fruits. The details of these substances are given according to their nature, effects, and curative properties. The thyroid disease is often considered and mentioned in the Ayurveda material book as one of the most importance diseases or disorders to have introduced.

Certain foods like milk, barley, Green grams, Bengal gram, sugarcane juice, cucumber and milk products are good for thyroids. On the other hand sour foods often worsen the situation. Hence patients suffering from hypothyroidsim and hyperthryoidism should avoid these foods.

Hypothyroidism is a situation whereby the thyroid gland fails to secrete the necessary hormones required for an efficient running of the body. The gland does manage to get inflamed or enlarged due to which secretion gets imbalanced. All of these tend to project signs or conditions that might get unmanageable at times. The hormones are actually used for a smooth metabolic activity. Hormones produced and released actually determine the growth efficiency of a person. Sometimes growth of a person undergoes changes due to thyroids. Hence some consider shifting to natural therapy or Ayurveda which might tend to give them some relief.

The Ayurveda care or cure includes use of certain elements or herbs called kaanchanara which is considered as a potent herb. Another herb includes genus of African trees that secretes balsamic elements called guggulu again rapidly used for managing thyroid issues like weight gain and weight loss. Some of the thyroid problems can put off the patient to a large extent.

Hence Ayurveda does provide some relief to the patient. The other therapy medications include herbs like jatamansi, herbs, shilajita, goksura and punarnava have some great medicinal properties which manages the body function effectively. In face patients can also get maximum benefits with the help of yoga or Ayurveda. Yoga will need to rely on a perfect diet too.

Sometimes the yoga postures also help the thyroid to smooth off easily. They form a part of the entire thyroid glands. At times herbal medicines complimented with a balanced diet will help you to combat some of the problems.

Also understand that Ayurveda may have certain properties very associated with India but considering their properties for others can be a bit risky. There isn’t much research to support the high effectiveness of Ayurveda. Hence, people might want to consider Ayurveda but might consider alternative medicines too. But this does not mean that Ayurveda cannot be successful for others who prove to go for the same. However, Ayurvedic medicine has a strong historical background of effective treatment of various diseases, including thyroid disease.