Arthritis Diet l Foods To Avoid And Consume For Arthritic Patients

Arthritis is a condition in which there is inflammation of joints, muscles, and even swelling, which restricts the movement. Often it is seen among the middle aged people and even overweight people and even at times it can be genetic. In arthritis there is breakdown of the cartlidge. There are two types of arthritis:


Osteoarthritis – Generally this occurs with age and is degenerative in nature. The joints are affected with stiffness and overweight only adds to worsen the conditions. Rheumatoid Arthritis – This is an inflammatory arthritic condition with problems in multiple joints, they swell up causing immense pain and at times with remission periods.

Foods to Consume for an Arthritic Patient

Having a good balance diet with proper nutrition can help in relieving the arthritic symptoms. One should have easily digestive food. Here is a list of food that might help arthritic patients. Oily fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines and even cod liver oil supplements are good. Vitamin C helps in arthritis too, so fruits like kiwifruit, oranges and peaches. Turmeric and ginger, pineapple, basil and lemon tea and carrot are good too as they work as anti-inflammatory agents. For Vitamin E an arthritic patient can use unsalted nuts. There must be intake of adequate fibrous and starch food as the undigested fibrous portions helps in eliminating the toxins and other wastes.  For those suffering from overweight problem and having arthritis should maintain their weight and take food accordingly.

Foods to avoid for Arthritic Patients:

Spicy, fired and hot food should be avoided, even too much of sweets or any food that is likely to form wind. Citrus fruits can aggravate the condition so is vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants. Too much of carbohydrates are not good.  Fatty meat, dairy products that have too much of fat and even baked foods are not good for arthritic conditions or diseases. Too much of tea and coffee must be avoided as well as smoking worsen the arthritic condition. Excess salt must be avoided too as it will increase the water retention and blood pressure, so having to too much of sodium is not good.  Avoid the intake of extra sugar as it is high on calories and adds in gaining weight. Arthritic patients should also avoid alcohol as not only it is high on calorie but it also depletes the vitamins and the minerals of the body.

But before going for a diet, one should consult a doctor or a nutritionist as they will be in a better position to adv ice on the foods that one needs to take in, one should be aware of the various food allergies and go accordingly on the diet plan. Diet plans differ from person to person and even for arthritic patients, so one needs to take into consideration what works best for that person, while keeping in mind the basic kind of foods that should be avoided.  Apart from all these one needs to maintain a diary taking notes of the foods that aggravate their pain and swelling so that it can be isolated.