Appendicitis Symptoms

Before we start with the appendicitis symptoms let us first understand something about the disease appendicitis. The appendix or what the doctors call vermiform appendix is a tube that is joined with the cecum. The cecum is a pocket like structure present in the colo. Within the colon cecum is present at the close to the place of intersection between large and small intestine i.e. in the lower part of the stomach.

The appendix does not have any particular function within the body; however, it is capable of producing some medical problems such as appendicitis, appendix cancer or carcinoid tumors. Appendicitis is generally inflammation of this organ appendix.

In the starting phase of appendicitis you may have mild symptoms; one of the most commonly recognizable appendicitis symptoms is slight pain near the navel. If the problem related to appendix irritation continues then the pain starts to ship near the lower right part of your stomach. This is a signal that the appendicitis has started affecting the tissues nearby.

This condition makes the stomach pain sharper and agonizing. The point at which the pain appears is commonly known as McBurney point. If the pain reaches this McBurney point it is almost a certainty that the person is suffering from appendicitis.

Similarly, individuals who are suffering from appendicitis do experience in passing their wind which is another one of the many appendicitis symptoms. You should be careful enough to identify the appendicitis symptoms other than pain in the stomach, this is particularly important in the case of children. This is because many children are not able to diagnose the exact area of the pain.

Some of the additional appendicitis symptoms include low grade fever, constipation, puffiness in the stomach and loss of hunger. It is very important that you have the medical advice from your family physician or doctor in case you are suffering from appendicitis symptoms.

This is because in case of chronic appendicitis it becomes difficult to save the life of the patient. This is very important because in cases of chronic appendicitis the appendix ruptures inside the body causing huge damage to the nearby organs and tissues.

In medical terms, appendicitis means swelling in the appendix and is normally classified as an urgent category. This is because normally the patient is required to be operated to remove the appendix from the body. The appendix is either removed by laparoscopy or by laparotomy.

There is very high mortality rate in cases of individuals who are not attended immediately. This is because of the shock and peritonitis. Globally, appendicitis has been found to be the most common cause of chronic stomach pain. A properly diagnosed non acute type of appendicitis is termed as rumbling appendicitis.

Factors that contribute to this appendicitis are intestinal worms, calcified deposits also called appendicoliths, lymphadenitis, trauma and foreign bodies. Several scientific studies have concluded that eating a limited amount of fiber or no fiber at all can lead to development of disease appendicitis. This is because dietary fiber is useful in cleaning the system and helps in preventing waste formation in the body.

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