Anemia Treatment l Treatment of Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the red blood cells in the blood is low than usual. The reason behind the inadequate amount of red blood cells may be heavy blood loss due to heavy menstruation or heavy injury, reduction in the production of red blood cells and the destruction of red blood cells in the blood. The treatment of anemia is totally depended upon the cause and the severity of the condition as the treatment for one type of anemia may be either inappropriate or dangerous for another type of anemia.

Anemia treatment as per the cause:

Treatment for Vitamin Deficiency anemia– Vitamin deficiency anemia caused due to folic acid is treated with folic acid supplements. In case a patient’s digestive system is having problem in absorbing Vitamin B12 from the food than they a patient is given Vitamin B12 injections in order to meet the body’s requirement for Vitamin B12.

Treatment for Aplastic Anemia –Aplastic anemia may be treated with blood transfusions in order to increase level of red blood cells in the body. In case a patient’s bone marrow is affected and is not able to make required red blood cells than he or she needs to undergo bone marrow transplant.

Treatment for Iron deficiency anemia – The iron deficiency anemia is treated by making changes in the diet and adding more iron supplements. In case the source of blood loss is other than heavy menstruation than the source of bleeding is located and stopped which may involve surgical procedure.

Treatment for Anemia of chronic diseases – There is no as such specific treatment available for this type of anemia. The doctors try to cure the disease which has caused anemia. And in case if the body shows severe symptoms than blood transfusion or injections of synthetic erythropoietin is recommended to patient.  This will help in increasing production of red blood cells in the blood and ease fatigue.

Treatment for Hemolytic Anemia– The treatment for haemolytic anemia includes treating infections, intake of supplements in order to suppress immune system which may be attacking red blood cells and avoiding suspected medications.  Blood transfusion or blood filtering process which is also known as plasmapheresis can also be recommended in case the symptoms become severe.

Treatment for Anemia associated with bone marrow diseases –   The Treatment for anemia which is associated with bone marrow disease can ranges from simple medication to chemotherapy to bone marrow transplant.

Treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia – The treatment for sickle cell anemia may include the intake of pain relieving drugs, oral and intravenous fluids to lessen pain, prevention of complications and administration of oxygen. A patient suffering from Sickle cell anemia may also be recommended folic acid supplements, antibiotics and blood transfusions. In some cases of sickle cell anemia bone marrow transplant may be an effective treatment. In order to treat sickle cell anemia the doctors can also recommend the use of hydroxyurea which is a drug used for curing cancer.