Anemia Complications

It is been observed that most cases of anemia are mild including anemia caused due to chronic disease. Even though it is to be taken in consideration that even in mild anemia the oxygen transport in blood is reduced that cause fatigue and also decrease physical capacity.

Iron deficiency Anemia which is either severe or moderate can cause reduction of endurance. Reduction in red blood cells diminishes the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen from the lungs. Severe anemia if left untreated can cause serious problems can occur in longer run, it can lead to secondary organ damage or dysfunction which also includes heart failure and heart arrhythmia. Anemia which is inherited like Thalassemia major, pernicious anemia and sickle cell anemia can be life threatening particularly Thalassemia major and sickle cell anemia which have their devastating effects on small children.

Here are some of the severe complications of anemia:

Complications of Anemia in Pregnant Women – Pregnant women affected by anemia can have an increased risk of poor pregnancy outcomes especially if they are anemia patient in the first trimester.

Complications of Anemia in Children – Severe anemia in children can stop the growth and can also have adverse affect in mental development. Children suffering from anemia may have less concentration power and decreased alertness. Children may also have risk of stroke if they are suffering from severe iron deficiency anemia.

Complications of Anemia in Elderly – Anemia can have more severe complications in old people in comparison to young people and is quite common in older people.  The effects of anemia in elderly include increased risk of falls and decreased physical strength. Anemia can also increase the severity of cardiac conditions which includes reducing survival chances of a cardiac failure and heart attacks. In older people even mild anemia can worsen the already existing dementia and can also possibly lead to cognitive impairment.

Complications of Anemia in Cancer Patients – Anemia is a serious problem for people who are suffering from cancer as in people who are suffering from common cancer the presence of anemia means a shorter survival period of time for them.

Complications of Anemia in Heart failure patients – The lethal combination of anemia and heart failure increase the chances of death or hospitalization of a patient from 30 to 60%.

Complications of Anemia in Kidney disease Patients – A person suffering from kidney disease if contacted with anemia than it increases it chances of death and risk of heart disease.