AIDS Symptoms in Men

Today government is taking measures to make people aware of AIDS. This is a deadly disease which has taken lives of many individuals. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is the later stage of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. Many people are confused and consider both as identical. It is not at all necessary that the HIV infection would result in AIDS.

It depends on the immune system of the body to face various challenges against the virus. The most common symptom of AIDS in men can be observed after three to four weeks when exposed to this deadly disease. There can be seen skin eruption or small darks bumps which appear on the back, face, chest or neck. In people with light and fair skin reddish brown hue or deep red color can be observed on the skin.

However, if rashes are present on the skin then it is not necessary that those are AIDS symptoms. Only after clinical testing, conclusion can be made on the problem. Some of the other AIDS symptoms that are commonly seen in men include diarrhea, pains and aches in muscles, thrush, headache and fever. The disease also has many other symptoms

Mind that HIV is a kind of virus which attacks and abates the body’s immune cells. If ignored for some time, it can result in AIDS. HIV is generally found in the blood and in other bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids. This virus cannot stay for long outside anyone’s body, thus HIV can only be transmitted when the body fluid inside the infected person enters to other person’s body by means of contact with the bloodstream.

The initial symptoms of AIDS differ in both females and males. Many times, the males experience mild periodic headaches and fever. However, these headaches are similar to the headaches we usually experience in our normal lives so many males ignore it. Some men may observe some swelling or inflammation in lymph glands, swelling in the groin, neck and armpit will appear.

AIDS symptoms in men also display changes in their efficiency, energy level or stamina. They might experience fatigue or tiredness. Studies have found that more males are infected with AIDS than women yet.

Initially, it is not so easy for the doctors also to determine about AIDS. So, they prescribe corticosteroids to treat the rashes. Although, these treatments stop allergic responses and block histamines but might not be proper to treat the underlying cause.

Since, there are many kinds of rashes, so if you have any problem then it is always better to visit a doctor. Only after medical diagnosis, the problem can be diagnosed and the treatment can be started. Remember, that males even get rashes on the skin due to stress and anxiety. So, always determine the proper cause behind the problem.

Today there are many effective measures to fight against AIDS and give people a healthy and productive life. So don’t worry and enjoy your life.

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